Their Wild Coast Rebel Bonus Scene

Martin and Luke can't wait to share their very special surprise!


“God, I missed you,” I say after we’ve come down from our sprint that I’m calling round one—Luke made Lexie come while she stroked me, then she took turns sucking each of us until we came, gasping and thrusting deep inside her mouth. 

In the ten days we’ve been gone from Storm Harbor, our new house has been furnished and the kitchen stocked so we have plenty of provisions. If I had my way, we’d stay in this cozy little haven for a week. 

Lexie kisses me, her breathing still recovering, her lips swollen from taking us both, then turns to kiss Luke, who’s propped up on his side behind her, stroking her naked waist.  

“We haven’t been able to stop thinking about you,” Luke says, making little swirls over her hip.  

“There’s something special we want to show you tonight,” I say. 

Her eyes flick from mine to Luke’s. “What is it?” 

Luke and I exchange a glance. We’ve hardly talked about anything else since we’ve been gone, but we don’t want to push her too much. Baby steps. 

“We want to show you how good you can feel back here,” Luke says, dipping his fingers between her perfect ass cheeks. 

A startled look crosses Lexie’s eyes. “Oh,” she says as her hips arch away from his touch. “But, isn’t that…I don’t know…dirty?” she asks, then bites her lip. 

I smile. “Oh yes,” I say. “Very.” 

Luke is kissing down her back, slowly, while his hand caresses the round globe of her ass. He encourages her top leg forward, which spreads her open even more for him. 

“I’ve heard that it…hurts,” she says, her expression tightening even as it flushes with heat from Luke’s touch. She glances over her shoulder at him, still chewing on her lip. 

If only she knew how sexy it was to watch her wage this little war inside her head. I hold the image in my mind so I can pull it up later and savor it a second time because as soon as she feels how good it is to be fucked this way, she’ll be begging us for it. 

“We would never do anything to hurt you, Lexie,” Luke says. He gets to her low back, planting wet kisses. He parts her cheeks with both hands and kisses lower, pressing her hips to roll forward even more. 

Luke and I debated who would get to be her first. I let him  because I wanted to be able to watch her face. And plus, this way, Luke will get her all warmed up for me. 

Lexie closes her eyes and I see a tremor move over her skin. 

Luke licks from her pussy which is plump with her arousal to her tiny pink pucker. 

Lexie inhales sharply. Luke does it again, his eyes on her face. Then he wraps his lips around her ring while his fingers delve into her folds, stroking her slowly. He flicks his tongue again, then blows gently across her exposed skin. 

Lexie hisses, her body arching into the sheets. 

“The best thing you can do is relax, baby,” Luke murmurs. 

“I can’t relax,” she groans. “You guys have me too turned on.” 

Luke glances at me, then returns to stroking and teasing her. He slides his middle finger inside her pussy, sinking it to the knuckle, slowly, his face tense with his desire. He glides in and out of her while his mouth kisses and caresses her forbidden place. 

Lexie arches her hips, leaning now on her left forearm with her top leg bent over her right, her face tensing. She grips the sheets tighter. 

“Good girl, Lexie,” I praise, stroking my cock. 

“Oh God,” she gasps as Luke plunges deeper, his tongue flicking and teasing her ass. “I’m going to…” Then her mouth opens wide and she releases a shuddering gasp, and then she’s coming, her hips bracing against Luke’s finger as he strokes the sensitive place deep inside her. 

When she’s recovering her breath, I move closer to kiss her, tasting her sweet lips. I reach down to stroke her soft breasts, my thumb grazing her hardened nipple. 

Luke kisses up her lower back, then rises on his knees and reaches for the bottle in the bedside table drawer. 

Lexie is still dazed, and I have her lips locked with mine, when Luke rolls her hips so she’s on all fours. 

“Fuck I missed this view,” he groans. 

“There’s more?” Lexie says, watching him over her shoulder with a look of apprehension. 

“Oh, baby,” Luke says, his eyes like sparks. “So much more.” 

He moves pillows under her hips and urges her down so that her knees are slightly bent and her ass is perched like a mound of pleasure just waiting for us. 

Luke coats his fingertips, then glides over her asshole, massaging her skin with one hand while parting her cheeks with the other. 

“Relax, sweetness,” I say, rolling close to her so I can caress down the side of her face. 

She kisses me, softly, and I feel her release a breath. 

“That’s it,” I praise. 

“Does that feel good?” Luke asks, swirling his fingertip around her ring. 

Lexie sucks in a breath. She nods, closing her eyes. 

Luke glances at me, his jaw clenched and his eyes alight with need. 

I see him glide a finger just inside her ass, slowly, then out. 

Lexie opens her mouth, her eyes tensing in pleasure. “Oh,” she says when Luke does it again, deeper this time. 

Her jaw clenches and she tilts her head back. A little groan escapes from the back of her throat. 

Fuck if this is the best show on the planet. I’m so hard that if I’m not careful I’m going to make a mess in my fist. 

Luke slides his other fingers between her folds to her clit. 

A look of intense pleasure crosses her face. 

Luke gives me a wicked grin. He strokes her clit while his finger slowly glides in and out of her ass. 

Lexie hisses sharply and I see her fingers clench the sheets, harder this time. She whimpers. 

“Am I making you feel good, Lexie?” Luke asks, his voice heavy with desire. 

“So good,” Lexie gasps. 

“You gonna come for us again?” I ask her. 

Her face tenses and I see her shoulders pull in tight. She drops her head between them. I stroke my cock and watch her eyes squeeze shut and her mouth open. “Oh God!” she gasps, and I see her knees dig in to hold herself still against Luke’s fingers. 

Luke moves faster, but still carefully. He knows to only give her what he thinks she can take. From the looks of it, she can take it all, but we don’t want to push her too fast. 

Lexie cries out as her climax peaks. I stroke my cock, giving it that little twist at the end that I like, imagining what it’s going to feel like later when I come inside her tight ass. 

After she comes down, her thighs shuddering, Luke slowly withdraws and retreats to the bathroom, then comes back to curl up next to her. The three of us lie together on our sides, this time Lexie’s back is to me, her perfect backside warming my thighs. My cock twitches against the cleft of her ass, so fucking eager that my molars are clenched and I have a hard time being gentle. Because after seeing her come like that I want to roll her to her knees and thrust deep and hard inside her. 

Luke kisses her, then smiles. 

I stroke along her smooth waist to her hip, tasting the soft skin of her shoulder. 

Lexie gives me a look I can’t read. Wonder? Relief? “That was…intense.” 

Luke raises an eyebrow. “You’re a natural,” he teases. 

She gives him a sly look. “I had a good teacher,” she says, and kisses him. 

“There’s something else we’d like to show you,” I say in her ear once she’s pulled back from Luke’s kiss. 

Her body shudders as I kiss the place she loves, above the crook of her neck. 

“Since you liked that so much,” I continue, this time tucking my cock between her cheeks so it makes contact with her wet folds. 

“So much attention on my ass tonight,” she says, her mouth twitching. 

“It’s a very nice ass,” Luke says. 

“Have you been planning this special date with my ass all along?” she asks, raising an eyebrow at both of us. 

“We like every part of you, Lexie,” I say. “But yes, tonight is all about taking care of this so very perfect place,” I say, grabbing her cheek firmly, groaning at how supple and tight it feels in my grip. 

Her eyes grow serious. “But…what Luke did is one thing…”

I arch my hips against her in little thrusts, her nectar making everything glide. “We’ll make sure it feels very good,” I say, and gently rotate her to her knees between Luke’s thighs. 

She perches over Luke’s cock. I urge her lower and she bends forward to take him into her mouth, exposing her sweet pussy to me like the plump, juicy gift it is. Luke groans and runs a hand through her hair, sweeping it over her right shoulder. 

I grasp her thighs and spread them open, then lower my mouth to suck and taste. I am in love with her soft, sweet pussy, and this first teaser brings it all back. The way she mewls when my tongue glides deep inside her, the way she cries my name, the way she shudders when I make her come. Her spicy nectar coats my lips and tongue. I bury my face in her, plunging all the way to her clit where I flick and swirl before sliding back. I love that she can take it bit rougher from me, and part her ass so I can lick all the way up. I pleasure her from behind, getting her more and more aroused while she sucks Luke’s cock. 

“Come here, baby,” Luke utters when she’s good and ready, urging her off him to climb over his hips. We’ve already covered the birth control and health check topics, so Luke grasps his naked shaft and lowers her hips to him. From behind, I get to watch his cock sink into her tight pussy and fuck if I don’t come right then and there. My balls start to tingle with anticipation at what the three of us are about to experience. 

I coat my cock with lube and as soon as Luke gets all the way inside her, I move forward, my tip pressing against her ring. 

“Just relax, baby,” Luke says, brushing the hair off her face and watching her eyes with his fierce, loving gaze. “The two of us are going to make you come, together, and it’s going to feel so good.” 

Lexie releases a slow breath. 

“Good girl,” I praise, pressing a little more firmly. 

Slowly, the tip of my cock disappears inside her. 

Lexie moans. 

“Is it too much, angel?” Luke asks, his eyes tight with concern. “Just tell us.” 

Lexie closes her eyes. “No, it’s…good,” she whimpers. “Just…intense.” 

The way her tight ass is squeezing me feels so fucking good. I make tiny little thrusts in and out of her ring with just the head of my cock. 

I see her gripping Luke’s sides, her body arched off his chest. Luke reaches up with his mouth to tease her nipples, kneading them at the same time with his fingers. 

“Ohhh,” Lexie breathes. 

Slowly, I arch a little deeper, and it’s so wicked and so tight that my mind starts to empty, replaced with a greedy, powerful urge. My hips are shaking from the restraint of going agonizingly slow like this, but the last thing I want is to hurt her. 

I watch my cock sink a little further into her ass, my shaft slick from the lube, and I can’t turn away. It’s too fucking hot and I’m getting close even though I’m trying so hard to make it last. 

Luke starts to urge her up and down on his dick, and we find a rhythm, with both of us getting our share of her while she gasps and arches against us. 

“Fuck, Lexie,” I growl. “You’re so tight.” I grip her hips and arch a little deeper, feeling her tremble against me. 

Luke slides one of his hands down to her pussy and strokes her in little circles, and suddenly, Lexie’s body is tensing, her grip on Luke’s sides tightening. 

“Open your eyes, beautiful,” Luke says. “So I can watch you come.” 

Lexie’s eyes snap open and her head tilts back and a wild cry erupts from her lips as I arch slowly in and out of her ass and Luke strokes and fucks her. She keeps coming until her sounds fade to whimpers and her body trembles. I eye Luke, and he takes hold of her hips, moving her up and down slowly so both of us slide in simultaneously. I get a little deeper and it takes all I have not to plunge in all the way because it feels so fucking good. 

Luke is panting with the exertion of pumping her up and down. I reach to her tits and cup them. She turns and our lips connect, her tongue lashing with mine as the three of us move together. Her nipples harden between my fingers as I tug and stroke them, and suddenly, Lexie breaks from my kiss as another climax breaks free and she grips my forearms for support as she lets go. Her ass squeezes me so tight as she comes that it takes every shred of control I have to keep my sanity. 

I see Luke’s clenched face and know he’s next, and sure enough, he gives a groan, his eyes wild and bright, like some kind of animal’s. He grips Lexie’s hips hard and arches deep inside her again and again, so sensual and slow but deliberate, driven completely by need. 

Lexie’s still coming down from her climax and I fold her over Luke and widen my knees. Below her, I see Luke panting, his hands tangling in her hair. She reaches up and grips his shoulders as I thrust all the way into her ass, my cock disappearing into this impossibly tight, dirty place, my balls starting to tingle. I arch slowly back, pressing firmly against the soft scoop of her lower back to guide her. I focus on my cock sliding in and out of her, feeling my whole body tense, my desire exploding. I move faster, watching Luke lift her face to his for a kiss, their tongues swirling, their breaths gasping, and then Lexie pulls off to cry out again, her fingertips digging into Luke’s shoulder as I deliver this forbidden, dirty pleasure. 

“Let me make this ass feel good, baby,” say, arching firmly now. 

Lexie lets loose a series of high-pitched gasps, her body rocking with my movements. Her mouth forms a perfect O as we rock and she hovers there between need and release, submitting to my needs. That does it. I start to come, my hips unable to hold back, my cock plunging firmly into her virgin ass as her climax breaks free and she screams my name. I close my eyes as the pleasure explodes in my brain like a bomb and I fill her again and again until I’m spent. 

After Luke and I slide carefully out of her, I carry Lexie into the shower and the three of us rinse under the hot water together, kissing and caressing. Once we’ve exhausted our hot water supply, I towel her off and carry her to bed. 

The three of us lay in the dark, curled into each other like spoons, our fingers feathering softly over her until her breathing sighs deeper and deeper and the tug of relaxation takes hold of me. Before I drift off, I connect with Luke’s eyes in the dark. “Thank you for making me see how much I need her,” I say. 

He sends me a lazy grin. “You’re welcome.” 

I kiss Lexie’s shoulder. “We can’t ever let anything happen to her.” 

“Well, that’s impossible.” His eyes dance in the darkness. 

I sigh. “You know what I mean. We can’t ever hurt her.” 

“Fuck, dude, you don’t have to even say it.” 

“I love her,” I blurt, relaxing my head against the pillow as the emotions threaten to explode inside me. My fingertips brush the hair back from her neck. 

“I do too,” Luke says. 

“Then we’ll do whatever it takes to show her.”

“Every day,” Luke says. He releases a low-sounding breath from deep in his chest. 

And finally, knowing that I have everything in the world I’ve ever needed, I give in to the tug of sleep. 


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