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Hunter & Petra’s New York Getaway



I wake before her like usual, the faint sound of waves washing against the beach filtering in through the open patio door. It’s been almost three years since we bought our little house on the bay, and every day I’m more grateful for the life Petra and I are building.

I roll closer to Petra’s warm body and stroke her soft hip. Soon I’m caressing down her thigh, my body tingling with need. She wakes slowly, the way she always does. We made a pact that as long as I let her go back to sleep after, I can wake her as early as I want.

I kiss the back of her neck while stroking down her arm. Her perfect ass rests against my abs, my stiffening cock pressing into her thighs.

Petra sighs, and her body arches slightly, trying to get me closer. I reach around her middle and pull her tighter against me, her soft frame nestling inside mine. She’s so soft and warm and perfect.

I stroke her nipple, gently, until it stiffens, then more firmly. Petra’s eyelashes flutter open and she arches her chest to me. I continue stroking, teasing, watching what it does to her. Petra gives a little moan, and I roll her to her back and kiss my way down, cupping both breasts my hands as I lick and swirl.

“Hunter,” she breathes, her fingers gripping the sheets.

I stroke down her belly and urge her legs apart. Petra quivers as I caress closer and closer, my touch light and soft.

My tongue flicks across her hard nipple as my fingers dip into her wet folds. I growl in appreciation at how ready she is for me.

Petra’s hips arch to my touch. I move to the other nipple, using my teeth this time. I guide her hands to the slats in the headboard and she complies, gripping them, which makes her body bow beautifully, exactly the way I want.

I sink two fingers inside her tight heat, and she sucks in a breath. I stroke in and out while my thumb swirls over her clit. Her body starts to vibrate.

“Hurry,” Petra whispers, rocking her hips. While I wish I could take my time, spend all morning in bed, I know the alarm will sound soon.

I kneel between her thighs and take a moment to enjoy the view of her glistening pussy, her full tits, her wavy curls cascading across the pillow, and her eyes, shining like jewels in the low light. Then I lift her calves over my shoulders and thrust slowly inside her, watching her face clench in pleasure.

She’s so tight, so deliciously plush that I have to close my eyes to savor every perfect inch. Once I’m all the way in I grip her hips so I can pull her even closer, her wet folds pressing against me. Fuck, that’s good. I start to thrust, slow and deep, my hips arching firmly.

There’s so much more I’d like to do to her, but I’m so hungry for her that playtime will have to wait. Later, I’ll tell her the surprise.

I stroke her clit as I thrust, watching her fingers grip the headboard slats and her hips roll to me. I can feel her body tensing, her muscles coiling up. I pull back until just my head is inside and pause.

Petra moans.

I thrust in, our bodies tapping hard.

I do it again, pausing, my cock throbbing, until a look of need takes over her face.

“Hunter,” she groans in desperation.

“What do you need, baby?” I ask, stroking her.

“You,” she says, her eyes locked on mine.

“You’ve already got me,” I tease as her walls quiver around me. “Tell me how you want me.”

“Like this,” she says, pressing her thighs into me.

I thrust in slowly but stop just before the end. “This?”

“No,” she says, her face tight with yearning. “Harder.”

I pull back and grip her hips with both hands, then watch her face as I arch in hard.

“Harder,” she groans.

The beast in me roars. I widen my knees and thrust again, filling her all the way.

“Yes,” she whimpers, arching up to me.

I go faster, harder, our bodies crashing together. The bed starts tapping the wall as I arch into her again and again. Petra’s eyes squeeze shut and her mouth opens. Her fingers go white around the slats and she comes, bucking and gasping as I drive deep inside her. I start to lose control, thrusting into her firmer, faster, my hips like pistons. Everything becomes a blur as I start to break free, my mind expanding, my heart soaring, the pleasure rising up from deep inside me. She’s so tight and soft all at once and I’m so hard and full for her. I’m on the edge between torture and bliss for an agonizing instant, and then and I’m flying, the waves of pleasure pouring into me. I thrust into her again and again, filling her until I’m shaky and spent.

I slide her thighs from my shoulders and roll to my back, cradling her against me, our breaths ragged and our skin hot.

Petra sighs. I stroke her smooth skin, savoring the last of the sweet pleasure we’ve shared.

Then I hear a small voice calling from the room at the end of the hall.

“I’ll go,” I say, though the thought of leaving her right now tears at me.

“You sure?”

“Absolutely,” I say, rising to kiss her forehead. “You go back to sleep.”

I step into the bathroom and clean up, then slip on a pair of flannel pajama pants. The cold hardwood chills my bare feet as I hurry down to his room, and when I tuck inside his door, I get the biggest good-morning grin from where he’s standing in his crib.

My heart cracks open the way it has every day since Tristan came into our lives. He reaches his arms straight for me and I lift him up. He wraps his arms around my neck and I hold him tight. A sense of peace spreads through me and I take a moment to count my blessings.

“Morning, buddy,” I say, rubbing his back.

“Papa,” he coos.

“Hungry?” I ask, shifting him to my side.

He nods, his big brown eyes the same as Petra’s. He’s also got her long lashes, and her thoughtfulness. From what I can tell so far, all he’s gotten from me is his appetite.

“Mama come?” he asks, looking down the hall as I carry him to the stairs.

I chuckle to myself because, well… “She’ll be down in a little while, pal,” I say.

Since becoming parents, it seems we’re always in a rush. When he was newborn, we were both so tired that sometimes days would go by. But the amount of love this little guy brought into our lives filled me up enough that it was easy to put aside my needs.

Make no mistake though, I haven’t stopped wanting her every minute of the day, even more so now that she’s become a mother. It’s done something to her, made her even more sexy, something I never thought impossible. I used to get rock hard watching her feed Tristan. It’s so tender but so incredibly feminine. I couldn’t help it. Sometimes, in the mornings after she fed him, after he fell back asleep, I’d carry him back to his crib, then return to bed and make her come just by suckling her full, ripe tits. Holy hell, talk about a fucking turn on. At first, she was embarrassed, but I told her that being a mother didn’t mean she had to turn off her desires, that it should feel good, she should feel pleasure from her body’s gift.

Even though I can’t imagine a life more perfect, I miss the all-nighters we used to have, and the way just a look would lead to getting down and dirty wherever we happened to be: the kitchen, the bathroom, or against the wall of some ancient ruin. While I love Tristan with my whole heart, I love my wife just as much.

I’m ready for the two of to be alone together again, even if it’s just for a few days, so I’m surprising Petra with a trip to New York. It won’t be just for pleasure—though I plan to make plenty of time for that—it’s also to track down the rookie detective who worked my parent’s case.




I grab my friend in a hug and slap him on the back. “Good to see you, brother,” I say.

“You too, man,” Brent replies, stepping back. His sharp blue eyes twinkle but I can see the dark circles under his eyes from the long travel.

I lead him toward our tiny airport’s exit. “Flight go okay?”

“Perfect weather. I though Montana had big mountains.” He shakes his head. “Damn. We just kept flying over bigger and bigger ones the closer we got.”

“You want to do some climbing while you’re here, I’m sure Cooper would love company.”

Brent laughs. “Yeah right. He’d be more likely to rescue me with that posse of his.”

My brother Cooper is a medic and rescue specialist with McKenzie Mountain Rescue. “Hey at least you’d be safe.”

We walk down the row of cars in the parking lot to my car.

“Oh, hell no,” Brent says, eyeing me like I’ve lost my mind. “A Volvo?”

“What? It’s the safest car you can buy.”

He rolls his eyes, but I know it’s an act. “Your situation is worse than I thought.”

“Get in, asshole.”

After a short drive in which I get an update on his security company and I share the latest regarding my parent’s murder case.

“So about this surprise,” Brent says as I turn down the driveway. “You sure she’ll be okay leaving Tristan with me?”

“She trusts you,” I say, parking in front of our house. I don’t need to say that I trust him, too, that he might as well be my blood brother.

“Okay, let’s do this,” Brent says, and steps from the car.

We walk up the path. “Stay out of sight until my cue,” I say. I insert the key into the lock and quickly disarm the security system.

Brent places his duffel at the base of the stairs.

“Babe?” I call out, striding through the entryway to the kitchen.

“In here,” Petra calls out.

I find her and T.J. on the floor in the living room, toys scattered around them. When T.J. sees me, he runs at me like a linebacker. I scoop him up and hug him. It’s one of the amazing things about being a dad—this love, given so freely, so easily, so fiercely. I set him down then help Petra to her feet so I can hug her.

“I got you a surprise while I was out,” I say after planting a soft kiss on her lips.

Her eyes twinkle. “What kind of surprise?”

I step behind her and cover her eyes.

“Ready?” I ask Petra.

She gives a little giggle. “I guess.”

I open my hands.

Petra gasps as Brent pops into the kitchen. “Brent!” she cries, and hurries into his arms.

He gives her a brief hug.

“What are you doing here?” she asks him, stepping back.

“I wanted to meet this guy,” he says, nodding at Tristan.

Tristan has come to stand next to me, a giant toy backhoe in his hands. I squat down. “Tristan, this is my best friend, Brent.” I wait while he takes a look at Brent’s smiling face, then mine.

Brent steps closer and gets to Tristan’s level too. “Hey buddy,” he says in his Montana twang. He offers T.J. a hand to shake.

I give my son a nod, and he extends his little hand. The two shake, and Brent fakes a grimace. “Wow, go easy on me,” he says, shaking out his hand.

Tristan giggles, showing off his dimples.

“Something tells me there’s more going on here than you popping up here for a visit,” Petra says, her suspicious gaze flicking from me to Brent.

“Why don’t you two take a walk,” Brent says, getting down on the floor with Tristan.

I take Petra’s hand and give it a squeeze.

“I’ll be right back,” she says to Tristan, touching his shoulder.

He looks up at her, his sweet face brightening. “Kay,” he answers.

“I got this,” Brent reassures her as Tristan starts to show off all the things his backhoe can do.

Outside, I lead Petra down the path to the beach. “You’re right, Brent’s not just here to meet Tristan. He’s here to babysit so we can take a trip.”

“Wow, Hunter!” she says, her eyes widening. “But…wait…Brent’s going to babysit, yet….he doesn’t have kids. How can he possibly take care of him?”

“Brent is extremely resourceful.” I lean down to kiss her.

She giggles. “Seriously, though, Tristan is a full-time job.”

“C’mon, he’s two years old,” I say, thinking of all the dangerous jobs Brent and I have pulled off, both in the SEALs and for his security company. “I think Brent can handle it.”

“Diapers? Bedtime? Tantrums? You sure?”

I laugh. “It’ll be good for him,” I say, picturing Encyclopedia Brent facing off with Tyrant Tristan. “And it’s only for a few days.”

“Where are we going?” she asks, cocking her head.

“New York.”

She gives a little shriek of joy.

I swing her around, then set her down and kiss her. “It’s time we had a few moments to ourselves.”

“I love that idea,” she says, and leans in to kiss me.

“There’s also someone I need to meet with while we’re there,” I say, brushing a stray hair from her face. “That rookie detective who was at the scene.”

A look of tenderness flashes in her eyes. “That’s good news, Hunter. I know how badly you want answers.”

“But my meeting with him is only for an afternoon. The rest of the time we’ll spend together, okay? There’s so much to do in New York.”

She jumps into my arms. “Okay.”




After the long day of travel, Petra falls asleep on my shoulder during the cab ride to the hotel. I watch the cars and city buildings whizz by as she rests against me, eager to get her alone. We’ve been wanting to make another baby now that Tristan is almost two. Maybe it’ll happen on this trip. My belly warms at the thought.

The cab pulls up in front of our hotel, and Petra stirs. I help her from the car and we enter the lobby. “Are you hungry?” I ask as she takes in the beautifully decorated space. “There’s a restaurant here, or there’s about a hundred other places to eat nearby.”

She laughs, her eyes no longer sleepy. “A hundred, huh? Maybe later,” she says, giving me a knowing look. Our eyes connect and I can’t help it, I have to stop and kiss her in the middle of the lobby. For the entire trip, I’ve thought of nothing but what we’ll do when we get to our hotel room, and the tension wound tight in my core is making it hard to think.

Reluctantly, I break away from her lips.

“I can’t wait to be alone with you,” she whispers.

I caress her bottom lip with my thumb, marveling at how soft and plush she feels. “Then let’s not waste another minute in his lobby.”

She giggles.

The check-in process seems to take forever. The concierge is so polite, making sure to list in detail all the wonderful things our suite and the hotel has to offer. I try to be patient, but if I don’t get Petra alone in our room soon I’m going to burst.

Finally, the bellhop delivers us to our door. He swipes the card and the door pops open. He wheels the luggage inside and places our twin key cards on the side table.

I hand him a tip and he gives a curt nod, then slips from the room.

“Hunter,” Petra says, a thrill in her soft voice. She’s moved to the middle of the suite. The way the afternoon light is coming in through the balcony windows makes her skin almost glow. She turns to me, her eyes dancing. “This is so nice,” she says.

“Nothing but the best for you,” I say, joining her. The suite has a couch, fireplace, a small kitchenette, and the adjoining bedroom has a King-sized bed backed by an ornate headboard. Wood accents and comfy furniture make the room feel welcoming and special. It’s perfect.

She steps into my arms. “Thank you.”

I stroke her silky hair and comb it over her shoulder. It feels so good to hold her like this, knowing we won’t be interrupted. I miss the little guy. I know Petra does too. But I need this. I need her.

“What should we do first?” she asks.

My cock stirs. “I have a few ideas.”

Her pupils dilate. I tilt her chin and lower my lips to hers, tasting her soft lips. I want to take my time but it’s like now that we’re finally alone all my senses are heightened and I’m accelerating into warp speed. I untuck her blouse and lift it over her head, then caress up to her breasts. Petra gives a little gasp as my touch feathers over the fabric of her bra, my thumbs gliding over her hardening nipples. She kisses me back, opening her mouth, her little tongue swirling with mine.

I unzip her pants and tug them down, then help her step out of them along with her shoes so she’s standing in just a thong and bra, a simple black combo that gets me even harder.

Mine, I think, taking a moment to relish in my luck. To lust after a sexy thing like her is one thing, but to love her—love her so deeply it hurts, is another level of desire I never knew possible.

“If I’d known you were wearing this, we never would have made it onto the plane,” I say, caressing her smooth ass. Her skin is so soft and smooth.

Her eyes sparkle as I lower to kiss her again. I slide my fingers beneath the thong and dip down to where she’s already wet. Petra inhales sharply.

I tug off my shirt and drop it to the floor. Petra pulls me tighter and my brain erupts with need as our bodies press together, her warm skin meeting mine. My cock presses firmly against where I can feel her heat. A shudder of desire thunders through me. I shuffle her to the nearest piece of furniture, a couch, and turn her around.

I can’t slow down, even though I promised myself I would. I tell myself we’ve got thirty-six more hours to take our time. Right now, I need her.

I kiss down her spine, feeling her body tremble.

“Bend over, precious,” I say, my voice like a growl.

She obeys, placing her hands on the armrest. I urge her thighs apart and peel the little thong down. I take a minute to enjoy the view: her tight little ring, her soft backside, and her glistening pussy. I caress her smooth ass. She’s so fucking perfect.

I kiss my way down, flicking my tongue around her backdoor while she trembles, then move lower and bury my face between her thighs, inhaling her spicy scent, tasting her honey. I widen her thighs and glide my tongue against her. Fuck, how I’ve missed this. Missed being able to pleasure her like this. I lick and glide against her, her tangy nectar stoking my desire. I plunge my tongue inside her and groan. She’s so tight and warm, her walls squeezing me tight. Petra gives a little quiver. While I could spend all day right here, my need to be inside her wins. I kiss back up, lingering on her little pink ring this time, warming up this naughty place for later, while I reach down and caress her clit in little circles.

Petra’s breathing in tight gulps but she knows to stay still and wait.

“You ready for my cock, sweetness?” I ask, kissing up her spine. I’m trying to go slowly but it’s impossible. She’s so eager for me, so needy.

“Yes,” she groans. “I was ready the minute we walked in.”

I pinch her nipple and she whimpers. “Naughty girl,” I growl.

I unbuckle my pants and tug everything down, then step against her, deciding to leave her panties strung between her thighs as a punishment for keeping them a secret. I grasp my cock with one hand and slide my fingers against her wet folds again.

“But who’s naughty girl are you?” I ask, lining up to take her the way we both crave—hard and fast.

“Yours,” she gasps as I thrust inside her.

“That’s right,” I say, grasping her hips. I thrust again, this time driving all the way in. She’s so tight and plush, her walls stretching around me.

She lowers her head between her shoulders as I increase the pace, filling every sweet inch of her. I rock her body to meet mine, savoring the way her body welcomes me. Fuck I can never get enough of this, of her. I think of everything she’s given me—love, kindness, laughter, joy, peace, life, a family—and it’s almost too much to bear.

“I love you so much,” I say, arching deep inside her.

“I love you too,” she gasps, looking back at me with that fire in her eyes.

I sweep her long hair over her shoulder and lean down to kiss her. She closes her eyes as our lips lock and our tongues flick and tease.

I rise, widening my stance, and thrust harder. We move together, our bodies in perfect harmony. Her core starts to tense, coiling up for release, and her breaths turn to needy little gasps. I swirl around her asshole, using her juices to make everything slippery.

She makes a little sound in the back of her throat. It’s carnal and needy and fucking hot as hell. I’m not going to last much longer.

Petra’s body tenses with her release. I grip her hips tighter and rock her against me as I thrust. She braces against the armrest, her fingers wrapped tight over the edge.

“Hunter!” she gasps as I move faster, harder. Her body clenches me so tight. She draws a shuddering breath.

“Let go, baby,” I say, gripping her hip so hard I’m sure there’ll be marks. But I’ll kiss everything better later. I’ll let her know that there’s nothing I can’t fix.

Petra cries out as I plunge firmly inside her. I do it again, each time her cries climbing higher, her body gripping me tighter. I thrust again and again until she’s shuddering and gasping to find her breath.

Slowly, I pull out of her and swivel her body so I’m perched on the armrest. A wicked look flashes in her eyes and she hurries to her knees.

I sweep her hair over her shoulder as she wraps her slender fingers around me. She closes her eyes and takes me into her mouth. Shudders of desire pulse through me as I watch her tender lips stretch around me. I try to be patient but the beast in me is alive and hungry and I want to arch deep inside, hard. I comb through her hair to the back of her head, guiding her gently. “That’s it, baby,” I praise. “Nice and deep.”

She hums her reply, which sends a new surge of desire racing through me. My balls start to tingle, and I close my eyes as the climax bottles up inside me. Her grip on me tightens and her mouth is so hot and slick that I can’t help but want more. The tension in my core pulls in tighter, making my skin ignite with heat while that sweet emptiness expands inside my mind. I grip her hair, urging her faster, until I’m coming, arching into her mouth.

When I’m empty, she slides back and rests her check against my thigh, draping her arms around my hips. I stroke the top of her head and breathe. The room slowly comes back into focus. She finally looks up at me, her lips curved into a soft smile. I smile back at her, and then she’s giggling.

“We haven’t done anything like that in…”

I raise my eyebrow. “See why I wanted us to get away?”

She gives me that look—the one that’s full of longing and shyness and fuck if I’m not getting hard again. “Yes,” she says, and leans in to kiss me.





I’m surprised when I blink my eyes open to light in the room because Hunter usually wakes me before dawn. It’s become our ritual, and unless Tristan gets up early, we’ve come to depend on it.

Hunter peeks in, carrying two cups of coffee and a plate of croissants on a small tray.

I sigh in gratitude. My stomach grumbles, too. “Thanks for letting me sleep in.”

Hunter strides over and I sit up and reach for the coffee. He places the tray on the side table then sits on the edge of the bed and shoots me a playful look. “I figured it’s only fair, after last night.”

My body gives a little shudder at the memory of everything he did to me. We’ve been trying to make another baby, and well…if last night doesn’t do it, I don’t know what will. Hunter makes me feel like the sexiest woman on the planet. He wants a big family—and can’t wait to fill our house with the sound of pattering feet. When I was pregnant with Tristan, he could barely keep his hands off me, making me feel even more like some kind of goddess.

Hunter leans in to kiss me, a soft, sweet kiss that tastes of coffee.

I smile when he pulls back, his eyes soft and so full of kindness.

We both take a sip of our coffee. He’s made it rich and strong, the way I’ve come to love.

“Brent texted me that Tristan slept like a champ and is up eating waffles.”

“Brent made waffles?” I ask, reaching for a corner of a croissant. Hunter will likely want something more substantial soon. Unless of course that “something” is me. I smile to myself.

“And then he’s taking Tristan to the park.”

I get a pang of longing to be with Tristan, his little hand in mine. Hunter sets his coffee down and shifts on the bed to uncover my right foot. He takes it into his lap and starts to rub the arch and heel. I moan in bliss and sip my coffee.

“What do you want to do today?” After uncovering my other foot, he digs into the sore spots like he can read my mind.

“I want to see Coney Island,” I say, relaxing into his touch. “And ride the subway.”

“Why the subway?” he asks with a curious grin.

“I’ve just read so much about it, I feel like I have to see it.”

“All right. But only if you promise to stay right near me, okay?” he says sternly, working the little muscles in my foot like an NFL trainer, as if he’s prepping me for a big game.

Hunter’s protectiveness makes me feel so safe, and loved. “Okay,” I say on a sigh.

“Now, about that breakfast in bed,” he says, leaning down to kiss the top of my foot. Cradling my leg like it’s some precious artifact, he kisses up the inside of my calf.

I’m still holding my coffee cup, as if I’m frozen. Hunter continues kissing up, getting me so turned on that my center is throbbing with need in minutes. I know where we’re headed and I can’t help but want to hurry because oh, man, the things Hunter can do with his mouth.

Hunter carefully takes my coffee cup and sets it on the side table, then slides my body down the bed. I love that he’s so eager, and relax to his touch and his kisses slowly working up my inner thigh.

“Are you sore from last night?” he asks, caressing my folds with his thumb.

“A little,” I say, but this won’t stop me from giving in to him completely. Nothing would.

“Maybe I should be more gentle,” he says, his tongue flicking softly against me.

I gasp. It’s so sensitive already that I buck away, but he holds me firm. “No,” I say and clench my teeth when his tongue swirls around my clit.

He makes a sound like a growl.

My fingers tighten on the sheets. I can feel his warm breath on my skin and the need to feel his mouth on me is making me crazy.

“So wet, sweetness,” he says, giving me just the tiniest of licks. “Did you wake up thinking about this?”

After last night, one would think I’d be satisfied. Apparently not. “Maybe,” I say on an inhale.

“If you lie to me, there will be consequences,” he says, his voice firm.

I tremble because just this makes me hot. “I mean yes.”

“Good girl,” he praises, then wraps his lips around my clit, his wet lips like silk.

Tendrils of fire shoot through me and all I can think about is more.

As if reading my mind, he licks my folds.

I tremble.

“I can never get enough of how good you taste,” he says, and lowers for another lick.

He starts moving up and down while his fingers swirl and stroke. After settling on his belly, he widens my thighs and glides his fingers inside me, stroking the magical place that satisfies a deep craving. The room starts to fade away as I rise into a place of bliss and contentment, of need. His fingers and mouth move in concert, making my whole body start to tingle and delivering the most exquisite form of pleasure. I start to come. My hands grip the sheets, my hips rock against him, and my core clenches tighter and tighter, shooting me closer and closer to the edge. Wild cries erupt from my mouth as it all breaks free.

Waves of intense pleasure pour into me as Hunter keeps going, taking me over the top until everything starts to ebb and my legs turn to jelly.

With a deep sigh, Hunter glides his fingers from me and gives my pussy one last, slow lick that makes me jolt, then crawls up to rest his head on my belly.

“I’ve been dreaming of a morning like this for ages,” he says, stroking my hip gently, softly.

I’m still lost in the swirl of the high he just gave me, so can only manage a soft sigh.

Then, Hunter kisses slowly up my body, taking his time, his lips soft but hungry. He takes each of my nipples into his mouth and teases them until they turn hard and achy and my body hums with desire.

Hunter gets to his knees, straddling my shoulders, his thick shaft fully erect only inches from my mouth.

I caress up his inner thigh with just my fingertips and see his jaw flex with need.

He leans forward, bracing against the headboard. I look up at him, knowing what he wants. When I grasp his smooth, hard shaft, I see the desire in his eyes.

I close my eyes and take him into my mouth. Hunter groans, his hips trembling.

I slide him back out slowly, enjoying the way he’s practically putty in my hands. Then I lick down his shaft to his balls where I stroke him gently. I wrap my lips around the side of him, caressing him with my tongue.

“Fuck,” Hunter groans in ecstasy.

I lick up and grasp him at the base of his shaft, then take him inside my mouth.

“All the way, baby,” he growls, thrusting slow and firm.

I slide him deeper, tasting his salty pre-come. He’s warm and so hard. A tingle of desire races through me. I get him as far as I can and slide back up.

“Deeper,” Hunter says in his rich, dark voice.

I relax my throat and take him as deep as I can, my hand reaching up to his hip for stability.

“Good girl,” he praises.

I shudder with yearning. Pleasing him like this is such a turn-on. He starts to arch into me, slow at first. I suck and squeeze with my lips, inhaling the citrusy, manly scent of his skin. I lose myself in pleasuring him this way, my skin alive with desire. His breathing accelerates and I can feel his thighs tense. I wrap my hand around the base of his shaft and glide up and down with my mouth.

“Just like that,” Hunter hisses. I can feel his eyes blazing into me but I’m too focused to try to look at him.

Faster and harder he thrusts. My grip on his hip tightens. It feels so good to give him this, to let him take control. He’s shared with me that these moments are when he completely lets go of his regrets and the pain of losing his parents, and Reid.

His body tightens as we move together, and then he comes with a hard grunt. I swallow him down as he pulses into my mouth, his whole body tuned to this act, this moment we’re sharing, until his hips shudder.

He withdraws and lowers next to me, pulling me to his chest. It’s so tender, so caring, as if he needs to show me that he’s not all aggression and firmness. But I already know this about him. I settle into him, feeling cherished and so loved. He strokes my arm in lazy, soft caresses. I can feel the sweet tug of relaxation, but my desire won’t shut down. It’s as if Hunter senses this because he raises my chin to kiss me, and soon our tongues are dancing playfully and his hands are caressing my shoulder, then my hips, and then my breasts.

He lowers to take my nipple into his mouth, sucking and teasing while his fingers caress the other one until I’m panting and quivery, my thighs clenching together. His touch swishes like a feather across my belly, then lower.

“Still so wet,” he groans, dipping his fingers into my slippery folds. “You want more, don’t you?” he teases, his eyes lighting up in delight.

I inhale a tight breath as he plunges his fingers inside me. “Yes,” I gasp.

“Get on your knees,” he says.

I practically burst with want. Quickly, I roll to all fours.

He moves to behind me and urges my shoulders down. I comply, resting my cheek on the cool sheets, my anticipation racing through me like rocket fuel.

Parting my thighs, Hunter leans down for one long lick right over my backdoor. It’s what he does to let me know where things will go. Yes, I think, because Hunter makes this forbidden place feel so good. The cap of the lube snaps open and my anticipation jumps another notch.

Then, his wet, thick finger circles me slowly, warming up for what’s next. I breathe, giving in to the way he pleasures me. Then, his finger glides past my ring. It’s tight and firm, but the discomfort quickly gives way to pleasure. With his other hand, he caresses my backside, his touch so caring. His finger glides deeper into my forbidden place, and it’s so intense—dirty and hot at the same time—that I arch back to him, wanting more. He adds more lube and adds another finger, then with his other hand starts to stroke my pussy.

The pleasure gets even more intense—it’s so, so good. I start to tremble. Every nerve ending sizzles with desire. My first orgasm rises fast and hard. I squeeze my eyes shut and press my cheek into the sheets, grunting with each thrust, my ass arched to him with my knees braced firmly into the bed. I come down to Hunter’s sensual touch stroking me.

“So fucking hot watching you come like that,” he growls.

I can barely breathe because he’s slowly working deeper, taking his time to stretch this naughty place in just the right way so that it feels good. This time, my climax comes even faster and harder, and by the time I come down Hunter’s moved closer, his slick, hard cock pressing against my ring.

“Touch yourself, sweetness, while I claim this dirty place,” he growls.

I reach up and stroke my wet, swollen folds.

Hunter adds a bead of lube to my backdoor, then presses more firmly against me.

I hiss with the intensity of it, there’s a feeling of uneasiness but there’s also a wicked form of pleasure shooting up, begging for more.

“Good girl,” he praises as my body welcomes him inside.

He moves deeper, going only as fast as I can take, then he starts to thrust, slow and sensual, stretching me inch by inch. The pleasure edged with a tightness makes my desire crackle and heat, like a fire about to burn out of control. It’s so incredible to trust Hunter to give me what I need and not an inch more, to make this feel so good.

I glide and tease my clit while he thrusts. A powerful burst of pleasure shoots through me and I feel another climax building.

“Fuck, that’s good,” Hunter groans.

He moves a little deeper but makes sure to keep his slow, delicious pace. My core clenches and my mind starts to unravel. A shuddering gasp leaves my lips as another orgasm rockets through me. I brace my knees against his thrusts and cry out again and again, as if some primal urge has taken over.

He works deeper inside me, just to the point of where it’s too much, and starts to move faster.

“Ready for me to make you dirty, sweet girl?” he growls, his grip on my waist tightening.

I whimper my reply because I’m going to come again. The last time we did this, I begged him to stop because I felt like I was going to lose my mind.

He gets even bigger inside me and I let loose a wild series of cries as I come again. Hunter thrusts firmly, grunting, his powerful body delivering me the most intense form of pleasure. He roars as he comes, his release claiming my most private place.

When we’ve both come down, he pulls slowly, carefully out of me, then carries me to the shower. I hold onto him, my body quivering with aftershocks and my mind free, drifting somewhere in the clouds above.




We hold hands the whole way home. It’s not like we don’t do it anymore, but we usually have Tristan’s also. We also kiss like newlyweds and if I hadn’t stopped him, I’m pretty sure Hunter would have got his hand up my dress on the flight.

Hunter’s meeting with the rookie detective—now a federal agent—went well, though Hunter didn’t say much. I get the feeling he needs to think things over before he shares. I respect that about him.

I get so excited to see Tristan that a painful yearning is clenching my tummy. When we enter the house, I have to search for them, and for a moment, I panic. What if something happened? But I find them down on the edge of the lawn near where it turns to beach. Brent has rigged up some kind of toy that launches foam rockets into the air using a foot pump.

Tristan is giggling with glee as Brent chases his rockets all over the yard, his musical laugh stroking a deep place inside my heart.

Then, Tristan sees me. My heart splits wide open as his face glows bright as the sun and he runs, runs to me, his little arms reaching. I scoop him up and grip him so tight. My whole body relaxes as I rock him back and forth. I inhale his little boy scent and sigh.

He coos in my ear, stroking my hair the way he does sometimes. But then he wriggles from my grip and races off to stomp more rockets.

“Thank you so much,” I say to Brent, who loads up a new rocket.

“It was my pleasure,” he says, watching a rocket shoot into the sky. “We had fun, didn’t we, buddy?” he asks Tristan.

“Uh huh!” Tristan says. “Can Uncle Brent stay?”

I laugh. “Uncle Brent probably needs to catch up on some sleep.”

“No joke,” Brent says with a hearty laugh.

Hunter joins us. Tristan jumps into his arms. “Papa!” he shrieks.

After a long hug, Hunter shifts him to his hip. “Were you a good boy for Uncle Brent?”

Tristan nods gravely. “

Hunter ruffles his shiny hair. Then, he nods at Brent. “Thanks for everything.”

“You guys look good.” He grins. “So it was worth it.”

I try not to blush.

And a few weeks later, it turns out Brent was right. I’m a week late and my body feels…different. Alive, my skin extra sensitive. It’s a feeling I’ve had before.

With a tremor in my belly, I take the little test, and have to hold in my shriek of delight when a plus sign appears in the window.

When I come down to breakfast, my face must reveal what’s in my heart because Hunter stands up, his eyes so full of love. When I place the little plastic wand in his palm, he sweeps me into his arms.

“Mama,” Tristan says, tugging on my dress. “What wrong?”

Hunter picks him up and the three of us hug.

“Nothing’s wrong, my man,” Hunter says, kissing his forehead. “In fact, everything is just right.”


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