Her Wild Coast Hero

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Halfway through my morning training, I get a text from Darcy.

Want to have lunch with me?

Are you dessert?

Such a dirty mind

Before I get in trouble for texting during class, I reply:

Just wait until you see it in action


I stuff my phone back in my pocket and try to refocus on today’s learning objective: a deep dive into the Fourth Amendment. Nothing can derail an investigation like an agent who conducts an illegal search. Because the stakes are higher in a federal case, agents work closely with the U.S. District Attorney’s office who only grant warrants once all the investigative work has been done. This is different than cops, who get warrants from municipal judges throughout a case.

But my mind drifts to Darcy waiting for me. This morning, I woke her with kisses, then ate her soft pussy until she screamed. After, I made love to her until we both crumpled in a heap, exhausted.

When I left, she was already at her laptop, her black glasses framing her gorgeous face while her nimble fingers raced across the keyboard.

It took everything I had to not stick around and distract her.

Is she still wearing those loose shorts and sweater, her pretty feet bare and her hair tied up in a messy knot?

My dick gives a needy ache. I check the clock. Another hour. I grit my teeth.

Finally, the instructor dismisses us. I’m packed up and heading for the door in two seconds.

When we moved to Georgia in August, I refused to suffer through a long commute, so our little bungalow isn’t far from the training center. As I drive, to keep my cock from exploding, I review the case I’m working on the side, the arson fire at the vet clinic in Susitna, the one that involved those two kids, Zach and William Hayes. I didn’t hear about it until last spring, but the brothers disappeared. At first, the cops thought they were hiding, but it’s been almost five months and they haven’t turned up. Heidi was beside herself. She thinks the cops pushed them too hard, and they got scared.

It’s hard to believe Zach and his little brother had anything to do with that fire, yet why else would they run? I don’t know what’s going on. I just hope they’re okay.

I pull into the narrow driveway and drive past the main house on the front of the property to the rental bungalow in the back. Thankfully, a big yard and several huge trees separate the two homes. Sometimes Darcy and I make noise.

Okay, a lot of the time, we do.

Soon, we’ll have our own place with some land, and privacy. I put in for Anchorage, Juneau, and Seattle. Darcy has applied for graduate school in those cities too. With luck, we’ll get a match.

I vault over the little fence and trot to the door, letting myself in with my key.

At the same time, she’s unlocking it from the inside, so when I open it, she’s waiting, her eyes lit with that look that makes me crazy.

“Hi,” she says, breathless.

“Hi,” I say, wrestling out of my coat. I drop it to the floor then take her face in my hands and kiss her, my lips hungry. She kisses me back, tugging on my lower lip with hers.

“You missed me, huh?” I say, shuffling her to the wall.

She kisses me again, her little tongue flicking with mine. “I can’t stop thinking about you.”

“Tell me,” I demand, pinning her to the wall with my body. Inside my uniform pants, my hard cock presses against her stomach.

She reaches down to untuck my uniform shirt then unbuttons it, her fingers quick. “If I refuse, will you torture me, get me to talk?”

I shrug my shirt from my shoulders, then pull off her sweater. She’s wearing a pink and white striped bra that reminds me of candy, making me crave the taste of her tits in my mouth.

With a groan, I caress her hardening peaks over the fabric.

“You should know that I’m a very skilled investigator.”

With a soft groan, she kisses me, her chest arching to my touch.

I kiss down to her neck and she tilts away, encouraging me. Her skin is so soft here, and she smells fresh, like spring. I savor the sensations zipping through my body while I kiss and tease her here.

“You’ll have to catch me first,” she says in a breathless rush, and quick as a fox, she slips from my hold and dashes around the corner.

Fuck me.

I stride after her, my need to be inside her turning me into a barbarian. She makes it past our little kitchen table and dashes for the back patio door, but I snatch her from behind, wrapping my arms around her waist.

She gives an adorable little squeal and tries to wriggle free.

I kiss the back of her neck, and suck on her earlobe, drawing the tip between my teeth.

“Last chance to confess,” I say, shuffling her to the edge of the couch. “If you want to avoid torture.”

“What if I want to be tortured?” she says, and rubs her ass against my cock.

“That means I get to do every filthy little thing I want to get you to talk.”

She moans and leans her head back. “Promise?”

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” I unhook her bra and slide it off.

She sucks in a breath. I cup her full, ripe tits, so perfect, and roll my thumbs on her hard peaks.

“Ready to tell me?”

“No,” she says, and bites her lip.

I tug down her shorts. Her bikini panties match the bra, with a little pink bow at the top that makes me want to rip them off. I dip my flingers beneath the fabric to touch her. She’s gloriously, fuckably wet.

“Such a messy, needy pussy,” I say, stroking her deeper.

“See why I had to text you?” she says, starting to breathe hard.

I swirl around her clit, then scissor her folds, my fingers firm where she’s so soft and plush. “Because I’m the only one who can make this ache inside you go away.”

Her thighs are quivering and her grip is tight on my thighs. “Brian,” she moans.

I slide my fingers from her folds and bring them up to her lips. “Suck.”

She obeys, wrapping her lips around me, her tongue swirling. I get a preview of what those lips are going to feel like on my cock later.

I take my fingers from her lips and glide them between her ass cheeks, swirling the wetness from her mouth and pussy around her backdoor. She gives a little whimper. I still haven’t fucked her here. We’re getting closer, but she’s not ready. The thought of gliding deep inside this forbidden place while she shudders in pleasure makes my nuts throb.

“Bend over,” I command. “Hands on the armrest.”

She complies, and I and peel her panties to her mid thigh.

Fuck, she’s perfect back here. I place one hand on her hip and caress her ass cheek with the other. She’s soft and ripe and so smooth.

“Ready to talk?” I ask, caressing her folds.

She groans. “No.”

I stroke to her opening and gently thrust two fingers inside. With my other hand, I stroke the smooth curve of her ass. Her walls squeeze me tight, but I’m not letting her come until she talks.

I pull out, and press light kisses up her spine, my body just close enough so she can feel my warmth but without touching her.

Darcy groans in frustration. “You’re too good at this.”

“I could torture you like this all day,” I whisper.

“That’s not fair.”

I laugh. “You want to talk about fair? You’re the one not letting me get any sleep. You’re the one giving me a raging hard on in class.”

I glide my fingers inside her again, slowly, making sure to caress the place that makes her crazy.

“Not sorry,” she manages.

I give her ass a tap, right on the sweet spot.

She gives a needy, tense cry, her pussy clenching around me. Fuck is it hot. She widens her thighs, but her panties are stretched tight, digging into her skin. I smile—she’s so turned on she hasn’t even noticed.

I crouch down and kiss the flushed spot on her skin where I struck her, my lips tender. She whimpers, her fingers wrapped tight on the armrest. Lowering to my knees, I part her cheeks open and taste her.

She arches to my mouth but groans because the panties around her thighs are making it hard for her to get what she wants.

Her taste reminds me of lemons and sunshine—sweet and raw and irresistible. Like strawberries in spring or the clean scent of the ocean.

I bury my face between her creamy thighs, plunging my tongue inside her. Soon she’s quivering and breathing in gasps. I kiss up to her backdoor and circle with my tongue.

“You ready to come, sweetness?”

“I think I like being tortured too much.”

“A challenge huh?” There’s a bottle of lube in the coffee table drawer. I add some to my fingers then gently but firmly press them against her bud.

She reaches back to stroke herself as I slowly sink the tip of my finger past her ring.

“Did I say you could touch yourself?” I say.

With a groan of frustration, she moves her hand back to the armrest.

I add more lube and sink back inside her. She’s so amazingly tight. Fucking her here is going to feel incredible. Especially when she comes around my dick.

I move slow and easy and she trembles. She could come in thirty seconds if one of us circled her clit.

“I liked it when you chased me,” she says in a rush.

I knew she’d cave. It’s just a matter of pushing the right buttons. “Why do you like it?”

“Because you want me.”

“I always want you.”

She drops her head between her arms, taking shaky, fast breaths. “I like feeling captured. Like you will stop at nothing to have me.”

I love how she trusts me with her desires and fantasies. I love how we play, flirt, tease, and explore. Being with her makes me feel like the luckiest man alive.

I add more lube and swirl around her ass, then thrust with my thumb.

She releases a low, carnal moan—needy and frustrated at the same time.

“What do you want, baby?”

“Your cock.”

“How about my tongue?” I say, and lower down again to taste her.

She arches to me, wanting me deeper. “Your tongue is amazing.”

“But it won’t satisfy you the way my dick will, is that what I’m hearing?”


“Good girl.” I unbuckle my belt.

She whimpers. She’s told me what this sound alone does to her.

I slide my pants and briefs down, then guide my cock to where she’s slick and plush, like warm satin. In one firm thrust, I glide inside her.

Darcy rolls her shoulders back and groans.

I wrap my hands around her waist and rock her back while urging my hips close to her, until there’s nothing between us.

“Fuck,” I grunt.

She’s breathing fast, her sides heaving.

“This what you had in mind, angel?” I say, and glide back. My cock is coated in her slick honey and so hard that when I thrust again, I slide all the way home.

Sweet heaven, it’s good.

“Harder,” she begs.

Fucking hell I could come just from the tone in her voice, let alone that word.

I start to thrust, urging her hips back to meet my thighs so our bodies tap firmly, filling the room with the sound of slapping skin.

Darcy clenches tight around me as I move in a measured, firm pace, my grip on her waist tight enough to leave marks.

Her body tenses and her breaths get higher, faster. I drive harder, our bodies crashing together.

“I’m coming, oh god,” she says in a desperate rush. She braces against me as I thrust, my slick cock filling every inch of her. Her cries erupt and her body squeezes me so tight.

I release a groan as she lets everything go. I rock with her, riding her climax until she’s gasping and aftershocks rattle her thighs.

Without pausing to let her recover, I get more lube and slide my middle finger inside her ass. She tightens around me and lowers her head between her arms.

“Brian,” she moans.

“You thought about this too, didn’t you?”

She shudders. “Yes. It feels so good.”

I thrust slowly into both places, setting a sensual, firm pace. Watching my finger glide while my cock pushes between her thighs is sexy as fuck. There’s no part of her I can’t pleasure and cherish. She is mine, and I am hers.

She comes again for me, her tense cries filling the room and her muscles gripping me hard.

“Fuck,” I grit out, increasing my pace, giving in to the tight, raw need combusting inside me, my control slipping away. My balls tighten and my cock thickens inside her. I focus on her warm skin and her shoulders thrown back and her body welcoming me as everything sharpens. I come with a groan, pulsing deep inside her.


Two months later


After sitting at my desk for an hour working on the same two lines of a new poem over and over, I decide to get outside. Sometimes I need fresh air for the words to come to me. I walk in the bright sunshine to the corner, then past one of my favorite houses. It’s a two story cottage with slatted shutters and a stone walkway. A grove of giant trees send shadows dancing over the tidy lawn and pretty flower garden. It reminds me a little bit of England, which will always be special to me because of how Brian proposed on Snowdon Mountain.

My phone rings. It’s Brian.

“I got my orders today,” he says in a tense, excited voice.

I hold in my breath. “And?”

“We got our first choice,” he says.

“We get to go home?”

“Yes. Anchorage, here we come.”

My chest tightens hard around my happy heart. We’ve been away now for over a year, and while I wouldn’t trade the adventures we’ve shared together for anything, we’re both ready to return to the place we love.

“Have you called my dad?”

“I figured you’d want to,” he says. “After I graduate, we’ll have a month to move and get settled. We can carve out some time to visit him, see our friends, too.”

“I’ll call him right now!” I say.

He laughs. “I’ll be home soon. I think this calls for a celebration.”

My stomach flutters in anticipation. “I love you.”

“Love you too, baby.”

I hang up with Brian and call Dad. He’s in the middle of framing some of his photos, another hobby he’s picked up, so he can display them at Storm Harbor’s annual summer craft show.

“Darcy, that’s great!” he cries into the phone. “Here, let me put you on speaker. Emily, Darcy’s coming home!”

I laugh and my eyes start to leak.

Emily’s voice comes over the line. “Darcy, that’s great news! Brian must be thrilled.”

We take a moment to get caught up, then launch into all the things Brian and I want to do during our visit. When we say goodbye, there’s a sweet fullness in my chest. It’s almost too much. I brace against the fence and let the flood of joy and relief and gratitude rush into me.

We’re going home.

That night, after cooking our favorite ravioli dinner, we sit on the back porch with our vanilla ice cream sandwiches to watch the sunset spread coral pink ribbons across the sky.

“I’m going to miss it here a little bit,” I say with a sigh as the crickets and frogs fill the dusk with song.

“Me too. But I’m ready for what’s next.” He stands and offers me his hand.

I take it, and he pulls me to my feet.

“I’m ready to start our lives,” he adds, and takes my face in his hands. We kiss. It’s soft and tender. I kiss him back, my lips locking perfectly with his.

“We have started it,” I say with a smile, cradling his waist.

He kisses me again. This time there’s no hiding the hungry, possessive edge. “For real,” he says. “I’ve thought about this a lot, Darcy. I want to marry you.”

I frown. “Did you forget I already said yes?”

He laughs, then pinches my bottom. I jolt.

“No, my little bookworm, I didn’t forget.” His face turns serious. “When we go back. I want to get married. I can’t wait any longer.”

“Brian, that’s a month away!”

“I know,” he says, his eyes filling with a deep, intense yearning. “But I already called Soren Lake, and our friends. And your dad and Emily. Everyone wants to help.”

There’s no way I can deny him when he’s like this. He’s told me that when his mom passed away and his dad was in charge, he stopped hoping for good things. It was too hard to watch them shatter.

I want to be his reason to believe in hope. That dreams can come true.

“Okay,” I say with a giggle.

“Yessss!” His entire face lights up and he swings me into his arms. “I can’t wait to see you walk down that aisle to me.”

“What aisle? We’re getting married in the meadow,” I say, and caress his face.

“I’ll make you an aisle of rose petals. Even if I have to pluck a hundred roses.”

“Brian,” I say with a sigh.

He pauses from walking through the kitchen to kiss me. Then he’s back to being in a hurry, rushing to the bedroom where he sets me down on the bed.

He tugs off my tank top and shorts and yanks off his t-shirt. “Then I’ll promise to cherish you and love you and take care of you,” he says, climbing onto the bed between my thighs. I comb through his thick, silky hair while he kisses his way up and strokes me with his firm, sensual touch.

“And I’ll promise to love you back,” I say, my heart ready to burst again for the second time today. “Forever.”

He plants a soft, sweet kiss on my belly. “Forever.”


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