Her Wild Coast Rescue Bonus Scene

Get a peek at Cooper and Sarah's happy ever after!



I set her down near the edge of my bed, barely able to contain my urgency. She’s only been away from me for two days, but it might have been two years.

I missed her so much every fiber of my being craved her.

But she’s back, and that’s all that matters.

“Cooper,” she whispers, her tone needy. Fuck if it doesn’t turn my crank. “I need you.”

“I’m right here, angel,” I reply, kissing her again.

Electric sparks shoot into my brain as our lips touch again. I take her lower lip between mine, locking onto it for just an instant, a set of shivers erupting at the back of my neck and racing down my shoulders. Our kisses become deeper, longer, until my body feels like it’s vibrating.

I caress under her shirt to the warm skin of her belly, feathering my touch back and forth, enjoying how perfectly soft she feels.

She kisses me hungrily. I know I should slow down and enjoy every second of this, but I’m too caught up in my desire.

Caressing up her belly, I glide over her bra.

She sighs, arching to my touch. She slides her hands to my lower back, her touch delicate. Slowly I caress over her breasts, her nipples hardening to firm peaks. Our kisses intensify and her breathing is coming faster.

After tugging my shirt over my head, I pull her shirt off and unclasp her bra, then pull her close. Fuck she feels good. Her smooth, warm skin feels so good against mine. Like she was made to fit perfectly inside my embrace.

I move us to the bed and lower to kiss each perfect breast, taking each nipple into my mouth. Sarah arches to me, her hips pressing into mine. But then I’m back claiming her lips, our tongues dancing.

With her long, silken hair splayed out on my bed, she looks like some kind of mountain angel. The fire in her eyes is slowly unraveling my resolve. My mind speeds ahead, imagining all the ways I’m going to make her come.

I peel down her leggings, revealing her one inch at a time, then kiss my way up her inner thigh. I lick the edge of her panties, inhaling the scent of her arousal. I stroke over the fabric, feeling how damp and warm she is for me.

I can’t wait any longer, and tug her panties to her knees.

Sarah whimpers as I stroke her. Fuck, she’s wet, and so soft. Her grip on my shoulder tightens. I glide my fingers up and down, and slowly kiss up to her tits. I suckle and swirl.

Sarah moans, arching to me.

An intense need is coiling up inside me be inside her, to feel her walls wrapped around me as our bodies seek release.

Slowly, I kiss back down, my fingers stoking her fire. I tug her panties the rest of the way off then part her thighs and settle in for the feast I’ve been dreaming of since she left.

“Oh my God,” Sarah moans, quivering as I delve deeper into her folds.

Fuck, she tastes good. Like sweet mountain honey and spice. I stroke with my fingers and swirl with my tongue.

“Cooper,” she gasps, her hands clenching the sheets.

Faster I move, listening to her body’s needs, devouring her like a man possessed. I realize I might as well be possessed, because right now, there’s nothing else in the world that matters.

She grips my hair and I feel her core tighten. I slide a finger inside her plush softness, groaning at how tight she feels, and how her body welcomes me. Moving in synch with her rhythm, I glide and caress. Her hips tense and her grip on my hair intensifies.

“Cooper!” she gasps, her thighs parted wide, shameless in this moment of pure need.

I groan with desire, needing to feel her let go. Wanting her warmth, her trust, that connection I feel when we’re together. Like nothing can ever come between us again.

Sarah’s head tilts back and her soft cries fill the room. I push her further over the edge with what she needs, moving with her body as her climax breaks free. Over and over she rocks with me, giving herself to me so completely. When she comes down, her body quivering, I kiss slowly back up to her mouth, stopping to caress her taut peaks. She bucks away from me, but I hold her firm. I plan to make this night last.

She reaches for me, and finally, I continue up to her lips. I can hardly hold back my hunger, and soon our tongues are swirling, our breaths fast.

I direct her hands to my belt. I see a shadow pass over her face, but then her desire takes over and fuck if it doesn’t get my cock thundering. She follows my lead and undoes the buckle, then tugs my jeans down. While I kiss her, I guide her hand to stroke me over the fabric but it’s too much, I need to feel her touch. In one swift motion, I’m out of my briefs.

Sarah reaches out to touch me, her firm strokes sending my desire into overdrive. I think of how I’ve fantasized about this moment practically every minute of our separation, and roll to my back, needing to feel her soft lips on me.

She rises up on her knees to kiss down my chest. Her ass arched high in the air like that is too tempting, so I caress down to cup her there. She’s so soft and smooth, and I’m already fantasizing about taking her from behind and making her come multiple times.

She kisses lower and I caress her bare back where her strong muscles are tensed but soft to my touch. I take a moment to appreciate how perfect everything feels—her tender lips, her soft curves, the heat from our bodies.

Sarah grasps me with both hands, taking just the tip between her lips. I groan, rising to stroke her hair. “That’s it, angel, take me inside.”

She slides lower, her small mouth enveloping me in warmth and sweetness. It’s taking everything I have not to force myself deep inside. But I hold on. I have to make it last.

She gets me all the way in, her mouth like a hot vice. I stroke my hands through her silken hair and comb it to one side where it cascades down like a waterfall. She moves up and down, squeezing with her hands and lips, pushing me closer and closer to the edge.

We move like that, her sensual mouth making me feel so good, until I can’t stand it any longer and urge her up to me, positioning her across my hips.

Her eyes flash with need in the darkness. I pull her down to kiss me, her wet folds pressing against me. I move to her breasts, drawing each nipple into my mouth. Sarah arches her shoulders back and her eyes close. Her torso gives a little quiver, but I know she’s not cold.

“God, I missed you,” I say, grazing my teeth against the edge of her peak.

She groans as I sink inside her. Fuck, just this—this very first sensation of connecting with her has me electrified with need.

I urge her hips lower, my cock stretching her while my hips tremble with restraint. I love how tight she is. Going slow like this only makes it more intense. It takes all I have not to drive all the way in, hard.

When we’re locked together, our bodies fully connected, her hips give a little quiver. Our eyes connect, and there’s so much love in her gaze that I pull her to me for a slow, sensual kiss.

“I love you, Cooper,” she whispers.

“I love you too, baby,” I reply, as emotions rise from deep inside me. They’re light and free and pure and blissful. Before her, I never knew love could feel this way. That it could give me hope, and faith, and so much joy. For an instant, I’m lost, trying to comprehend how something so good could have come into my life after I sealed off that part my heart for so long.

My cock throbs inside her, filling her perfectly. Sarah’s hips rolls into mine, and she fucking groans.

I take that as my cue and cup her hips so I can guide her up and down, slow and sensual so I feel every inch of her gripping me. I kiss her, our tongues swirling. She kisses me back, pulling my lip between hers, and it’s so sexy feeling her soft skin tugging at me like that. I kiss down to her breasts. She arches her back, and we move together, her hips rocking with mine while I tease and caress her. I use just the edge of my teeth, and she cries out, gripping my shoulders.

I rock her against me, her warm skin pressed close, sending me even higher. Her fingers digging in as she gets closer to release. Making her feel this good is the best sensation this life has to offer. I give into it, surrendering to the joy and the freedom of this gift. She grinds against me, needing more friction, more of me inside her. Her cries escalate, blending with the sounds of our bodies moving together until the waves of pleasure rock through her. She breaks from my mouth to release a series of cries against my neck.

I go back to holding her hips so I can thrust faster, moving through her climax as mine starts to build, my heavy breathing blending with her soft whimpers. My core tightens, the sensations building, expanding, sending me closer, until every nerve ending fires. In a burst of passion and freedom, I go crashing over the edge. Waves of joy blast through me. I hold her tight, needing her close.

Finally, when I’m completely spent, I pull her to my chest and hold her.

“Maybe I should leave town more often, if it’s going to have this kind of an effect on you,” she says with a sultry smile.

I caress down her ass and give her a squeeze.  “I think it has the same effect on you,” I say. Inside her, I’m already getting hard again.

Her eyes widen.

I gently urge her up so I can slide out of her, then roll her to her knees.

“Cooper,” she whispers in that needy, tense voice. She glances over her shoulder, a desperate look in her eye.

I part her thighs and stroke her velvety folds. I love how hungry she is for me. “I hope you slept on the plane, because we have some catching up to do.”

She sucks in a breath and arches as I glide between her folds. She’s so warm and plush and soft.

“Yes,” Sarah says, widening her thighs to get me closer. “Lucky me.”

“I think the luck is all mine, baby,” I say with a groan, sliding deep inside her. Like this, we’re completely connected. Two hearts beating in synch. It’s everything.

I bend over her and kiss the place between her shoulder blades. I’m already so close, and this brings us even closer. I hold her here for an instant longer, savoring all the emotions swirling out of control inside me.

“Take me, Cooper,” Sarah says.

I straighten, cradling her waist, and thrust slow and deep. For as long as I live, I will never tire of this, of her body moving with mine, of her soft sighs and whimpering cries, of waking up with her in my arms. She is mine, and I am hers.



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