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Her Wild Coast Haven Bonus Scene

The Hideaway on Glacier Creek

Late August


“Are you ready for your surprise?” Jared asks. He’s standing behind me, his hands over my eyes so I can’t peek. I can hear the excitement in his voice, and it makes me giddy. We’ve ridden up the ridge to the braided river valley, the same place we camped the night after my deposition. This summer, it’s become a special place for us, and now that our first season of camp has come to a close, we’re celebrating with another trip just the three of us.

Behind me, my horse nickers.

I giggle. “Okay,” I say.

“Sounds like Darby’s ready,” Cody teases.

Jared opens his hands, and sitting atop a broad ridge, with the snowy mountain behind and the wide river rushing at its feet, is a small, round-shaped building with a pointed top.

“It’s a yurt,” Cody says. “Go have a look,” he adds, grinning.

“You two built this?” I ask, my mind searching for how this is possible. They must have taken shifts because one or both of them have almost always been with me since our near-death experience in the truck.

“Aye,” Jared says, plucking a blade of grass and tucking it between his teeth.

“All for you, darlin’,” Cody adds.

I hurry the short distance to the structure, which is set on top of a flat wooden platform. In the meadow surrounding the yurt, summer’s flowers have faded but the green grass is long and lush. I climb the two steps to the platform and open the wooden door that smells like spruce needles.

Inside is a circular room with wooden lattice walls. The ceiling is made of wooden planks that join at the center of the roof like the rays of a sun. I peer up and realize that the hole in the roof isn’t a hole at all, but a skylight—the fabric is made of something clear, like plastic or maybe even glass.

I spin, taking in the interior. There’s a couch, a woodstove and bin with firewood, and the tiniest kitchen—a small table with chairs and a prep area below several shelves stocked with a few supplies. Jared and Cody are watching me from just inside the door. I giggle again—they’ve removed their shoes, and Cody’s socks are mismatched—one gray, one orange, while Jared’s are both dark blue. It’s exactly what I would expect.

I rush to them and hug them both. “I can’t believe you did this!” I say, kissing Jared then Cody.

They both grin.

“Winter will be here soon. There’ll be too much snow for tent camping,” Jared says.

“We didn’t want to have to stop coming up here,” Cody adds. “A yurt was a good solution. It can be like our own little hideaway.”

I hug them again. “It’s amazing,” I say, my heart filling with an intense warmth. All summer we’ve worked side-by-side tending to the kids and the daily tasks of running the camp. There is always so much to do, thousands of duties that fall on our shoulders. By the end of each day, we’re exhausted. But I’ve never felt so full of purpose or been so happy.

“That’s not all we have in store for you,” Jared says with a wink, and crosses the room to the bed, where a small blue pouch sits near the pillows. I’d missed it—so overtaken by the work that Jared and Cody put into creating the space.

Cody takes my hand and gives it a squeeze.

Jared returns to us and places the pouch in my palm.

I’m not sure what’s going on so give them both a curious look, but they’re clearly enjoying whatever they’ve cooked up.

I pull apart the strings and open the pouch. Inside, there’s something heavy wrapped tight in tissue. It reminds me a little bit of the gifts my students used to give me—a mouse skull, a fancy eraser, a painted rock—wrapped so tight and secured with so much tape that it takes me forever to get at whatever’s inside. I unroll the little package until what’s inside spills out into my palm.

I gasp.

There are three rings, each made of shiny, simple gold and with a pattern etched through the middle. Two of the rings are thicker, wider.

“I know it’s not much,” Jared says, stepping forward to pluck one of the larger rings from my palm.

“And it can’t take the place of a real ceremony,” Cody adds, taking the other bigger ring.

Both of them slide the ring onto their left ring finger and are smiling so bright I have to stop just so I can savor it. “You mean . . . ?” I manage, feeling like all the breath has left my lungs.

Cody takes the ring from my palm. Jared turns over my left hand and Cody pauses, ring hovering at the tip of my finger.

The three of us make eye contact, and the moment feels charged, intense. I know I’ll always remember this feeling—both of their eyes on me, my heart banging against my rib cage, my heart bursting with the love that deepens every day for both of them.

I manage to exhale but it comes out like a gasp. Cody slides the ring onto my finger.

I gaze at it, speechless. It’s so simple and beautiful and perfect. I would have been fine with never wearing a ring again—their daily affection and the way they tend to my every need is all the proof I could ever want. But now that the band is on my finger, I’m overcome with how right it feels to wear it.

“See this?” Jared says, tracing the line etched into the gold.

I look into his eyes. “Yes,” I breathe.

“It’s Ptarmigan Ridge,” Cody says. He flashes his ring, which matches mine and Jared’s.

My free hand goes to my mouth because I can see it—the ridge behind our home.  They had its silhouette carved into the gold. It’s perfect. Every time I look at it, I’ll remember that first moment when I realized that I could be part of this place, part of them and everything they are and wanted to create. It’s not only a symbol of their love, but of our home, the haven we’ve created. Together.

“I don’t know what to say,” I manage, looking at them both.

“Don’t need to say anything,” Jared says, sliding his hand along my jaw and pulling me close for a kiss.

“Except yes,” Cody says with a laugh.

Jared’s lips press into mine and I feel my heart flutter high into my chest. His kiss probes deeper, his tongue flicking against my lips. I kiss him back, feeling the music he makes inside me start to hum.

“Yes!” I say, breaking away from Jared to kiss Cody. He smiles at me before stroking the side of my face and stepping close. Our eyes lock, and in that moment, I feel the emotion—all of it: love, joy, hope, respect, happiness, surrender, passion—expand in my chest.

“We love you so much, Tasha,” Cody says.

“I love you both too,” I say. I stroke his face, and then Jared’s, both of their eyes so full of love, so completely focused on me.

Cody kisses me again, his mouth devouring mine hungrily. I close my eyes, giving in to him completely. The warmth is spreading into every corner of my body—like I’m made of light and am shining, filling the room with it. Jared’s hand slides under my shirt and I sigh at the sensation. His calloused hands know just how I like to be touched—a hint of firmness so I know how much he wants me, but slow, deliberate, like every inch is precious to him. Cody strokes down my bare arm on my other side. His touch is softer, and he likes to watch me with those sparkling blue eyes while he makes me feel good, which always deepens my desire.

They shuffle even closer, and their hands are everywhere while they take turns kissing me. First, Cody unpins my hair from the loose bun I always make while we ride to keep it off my neck. Released, it spills down my back. Then, Jared unbuttons my jeans, his hand caressing my abdomen so gently, but urgently. Cody’s fingers have moved up to roll over the fabric of my bra where my nipples are so hard, they ache for him. Cody pulls off my shirt and I reach for theirs. Then we’re back devouring each other, our kisses getting longer, deeper, until I’m breathless and lightheaded.

I unbuckle Jared’s jeans and open the zipper to where he’s warm and hard. Inside his briefs, I take hold of his already hard shaft. It feels so good in my hands. I go absolutely crazy with need when I think about how good it’s going to feel sliding inside me.

Cody unbuckles his jeans and I slide inside his briefs. He moans into my mouth when I grip him. I go on stroking both of them while our tongues twirl and their hands explore my body. I’m overwhelmed by their passion and the way they make me feel, uninhibited, free. It’s like they’ve unlocked some secret side of me, and with it has come the greatest joy I’ve ever known. All I have to think about is the three of us together, making love until we’re spent, and I’m falling for them all over again, each time harder, deeper.

I kiss down Cody’s chest so I’m on my knees and tug his pants down. I’m so eager to get him into my mouth that my hands are shaking. The first taste—a little salty from his precum, drives me wild. I slide him into my mouth, my lips stretching wide around his girth, meanwhile stroking Jared’s thick cock with my other hand. I hear both of them groan.

Cody tucks a stray lock of my hair behind my ear. I look up to see his eyes bright. “I love watching you take me all the way in like that, sweetness,” he says. “Like you can’t fucking wait for me to fill that pretty little mouth with my cum.”

I moan and close my eyes as I suck him up and down. God, I love the way he talks dirty to me.

I pull off Cody and turn to Jared’s cock, giving it a lick down to the base where I swirl around his balls the way I know he likes.

“You can’t just have one of us, can you, angel,” he says, his rich voice thick with intensity. “You need us both.”

“I do,” I gasp, sucking on the tip of his cock so that his precum coats my tongue. I stretch my lips around him and lower my mouth slowly, finally getting him as deep as I can. Jared combs through my hair, gently keeping me close. When he releases me, I swirl my tongue up his shaft, squeezing my lips around his head before sliding him back in.

“Fuck, that’s good, baby,” he hisses.

I give him a few more strokes before going back to Cody, who groans when I take him into my mouth again. Meanwhile I stroke Jared’s cock up and down. They both feel so hard and firm as I suck and pump, getting me jittery with desire.

Suddenly, they hook me under the arms and lift me into the air. They lay me sideways on the bed. Both of them slip off their jeans and lay beside me. Jared pins my hands above while kissing my lips, his tongue dominating my mouth and making me so turned on I can barely get a breath. Cody unhooks my bra and shifts the fabric so he can kiss my exposed breasts, his hands firm on my flesh while his mouth suckles my aching nipples. The sensation of being held down while pleasure soars through me is intoxicating, and soon I’m squirming and bucking and panting like a wildcat. Cody moves down and Jared takes over caressing my nipples—one hand still pinning my arms firmly to the bed.

Cody peels my jeans to my thighs and kisses the exposed skin at my hip and lower abdomen, his wet, eager tongue sending off sparks everywhere he touches. He slides his fingers down my abdomen until I feel him slip between my folds. I cry out because I’m already so turned on, his touch is the spark that sends me hurtling towards the edge.

Jared rolls my nipple between his fingers while our lips and tongues swirl together. I feel like my head is slowly expanding, buzzing with the raw need building inside.

“We haven’t even started with you, sweetness,” Cody says, his fingers sliding everywhere. “And you’re so primed I bet we can make you come right now.”

I groan because he’s right. I can feel my climax building so fast, like I’m a race car going from zero to ninety, my engine revved to the max.

Jared kisses down to my nipples again and takes one between his teeth, gripping me just right, while he caresses the other breast and rubs his thumb across my hard tip. Cody swirls his fingers against my slick pussy. Sensations come at me from everywhere at once—fingers flicking over my tingling clit, sliding up and down my wet folds, parting my swollen lips to touch me deep inside.

Jared flicks his tongue around my other nipple while Cody’s fingers move faster, up and down, swirling around my button and back again. I’m arching and panting as their lips and fingers push me further to the edge.

“Come for us, Tasha,” Jared says, squeezing my breasts while he drags his hot tongue across both nipples.

I cry out as the sensations of pleasure pour into me, my head thrown back as I teeter on the brink for what feels like forever.

“Come right fuckin’ now so we can make you come all over again,” Cody growls.

I’m moaning and gasping as the first wave hits me and I go crashing over the edge. My hips, bound tight by my jeans, arch as a unit against Cody’s fingers. It’s like they’ve developed a mind of their own, thrusting hard in time with his stroking. It’s in that moment that I let everything go, and an ecstasy like I’ve never known rushes in, exploding inside me. I squeeze my eyes shut and the sounds coming from my mouth are wild and raw, but I barely hear them because I’m somewhere off in the stratosphere, flying, soaring.

When I finally come back down my body is quivering.

Jared has released my hands and kisses me gently, then looks at me, a sparkle in his eyes. “I love watching you come like that. I think you liked me holding you down, didn’t you?”

I blush. I would have never thought I’d like something like that but with them, everything is different. They awaken a desire deeper than I ever thought possible.

Cody gives my pussy one last little stroke, and I buck away because I’m so sensitive, like they’ve drained me. But I can already feel my desire building again, and shudder just thinking about the ways they’re going to pleasure me next.

We lay there kissing, each of them taking a turn with me, stroking me softly, their fingertips so gentle. Jared untangles my bra from my shoulders and they caress my nipples until they start to get tingly again. I clench my hips as a shiver flashes over my skin. I reach down to their still-hard cocks. I moan because they feel so good in my hands.

They must take this as some kind of cue because Jared rolls me to my knees and Cody shifts so he’s lying on his back with his head on the pillows. I practically pounce on his cock, bending forward to grasp him. Behind me, I feel Jared’s hands caressing my bare skin. His touch glides up and down, as if he needs to feel every inch of my skin: along my spine, tucking into the curve of my hips, and smoothing down my ass.

I slip Cody’s spongy head between my lips, eager to taste him. He strokes the side of my face and I pause to look at him. A jolt of emotion races through me as our eyes connect because the expression on his face—so open and trusting yet so full of yearning knocks something loose in me, and I feel the love I have for him strengthen. I lower my mouth onto his shaft, his girth stretching my lips. As I rise, I stroke him with my hand that’s slick from my mouth.

Jared kisses my lower back, which releases another shiver. I turn to see his eyes blazing. He slides his fingers against my pussy that’s so eager for his touch that I jolt. He raises an eyebrow and a smoky look takes over his gaze, making him look so serious that my heart quivers. In that moment, I surrender completely to him and to whatever he wants to do to me.

He kisses down my spine while his fingers continue to stroke my folds up and down. I turn back to Cody’s cock and slide him all the way in, realizing that this exposes everything to Jared. Cody groans as I suck and bob, my tongue swirling against his hot shaft. Jared shifts, his kisses moving down the cleft of my ass. He pauses to suck at my ring and I shudder because he’s so good at knowing exactly how to pleasure this forbidden place. “That’s it, Tasha, show me how bad you want this.”

I come off Cody’s cock with a gasp as he swirls his tongue around my ass, sending a lightning bolt of pleasure through me. I do as he says and arch to his mouth, wanting him everywhere. He spreads my ass cheeks and buries his face between my thighs which are still pressed tight together by my jeans. My pussy lips feel plump and so full, and the sensation of his mouth and tongue gliding and sucking me sends bolts of electricity through my core. The image of me coming while still bound up in my jeans with Cody’s gorgeous cock in my mouth takes me higher still. It’s getting hard to breathe and my heart is hammering fast against my rib cage, like it wants to fly away.

The three of us start to rock, Jared urging me back against his mouth, his tongue sliding between my thighs to just inside my opening, and then forward so I can take Cody’s cock all the way in.

Cody grasps one of my breasts and strokes over my hard nipple. “Goddamn, sweetness you look so perfect on your knees like this with Jared licking your pussy from behind.”

I’m too busy concentrating on sucking Cody’s cock to reply—the combination of his fingers stroking my nipple and Jared’s expert tongue sliding against my folds is filling my body with so much pleasure that my brain starts to go blank. I become a single unit of lust and need, bobbing down on Cody’s shaft, my hands gripping him, sliding up and down, moving with Jared’s thrusts.

And then Jared swirls a finger back up to my asshole.

I moan, my voice muffled by Cody’s dick deep in my mouth.

Each time I rock back to him, Jared adds just the slightest pressure so that by the time he finally pushes inside me, the anticipation has made me crazy. I start to come almost instantly, my eyes squeezing shut as the waves of pleasure rise and expand. I arch my back further, wanting Jared’s mouth and fingers everywhere, and it feels so dirty and sexy and wild that the climax gets even more intense.

“Let us hear you come, Tasha,” Cody says,. I come off his cock and start to cry out as Jared plunges his finger and tongue deeper inside me. Over and over the pulses of desire explode like giant fireworks, the colors sharp and bright.

When I finally come down, I’m panting for air and my head feels swimmy. Cody tucks a lock of my hair behind my ears and smiles, and it makes me laugh a little because I realize that they’re both just watching me, waiting patiently for me to come back to earth.

“I think you may have broke the sound barrier,” Cody says.

Jared chuckles behind me, and I see the two of them exchange a look.

“Now it’s your turn,” I say, raising my eyebrow at Cody. I glance back at Jared and the mood stills because his look tells me that he has something else in mind.

“Not quite yet, sweetness,” Jared says. He straddles my legs and I feel his giant cock against my still-quivering folds. “Arch your back for me.”

I do as he says, my desire quickly building again because there is no better sensation in the world than his gorgeous cock sliding inside me. I watch his eyes as he gently pulls my hips back with one hand while guiding his shaft to my opening with the other.

“Are you ready to take me all the way in, angel?” he asks, pausing right there so that I’m practically shuddering.

“Yes!” I gasp.

Slowly, Jared pushes inside me, his muscular body rippling as he fills me all the way up, stretching me deliciously inch by inch. Even though he’s taken me from behind countless times, each time feels even more incredible, as if our bodies get more in tune with every encounter.

With my legs hugged together, Jared feels even bigger. I groan as he finally reaches the end of my tunnel. He caresses up my back, his fingers kneading my skin. He combs my hair back and drapes it over my left shoulder, then caresses down my back to my hips. I groan again as he slides slowly back, until he’s almost all the way out. “You like my big cock filling you up, don’t you, Tasha?” he growls in his rich, melodic voice.

“I do,” I gasp, my insides coiling tight with desire.

“Why don’t you take care of Cody, and I’ll take care of you?” he adds, sliding deep inside me again.

I’ve never wanted anything as bad as I want this. I lower my mouth around Cody’s cock, my lips eager to please him.

“Just like that, darlin’,” Cody says. “Let us fill you up with our big cocks, together.”

Jared arches against me, his smooth abdomen tapping my ass and his balls pressing against my folds. His grip on my hips tightens, his pace quickening. I’m sucking Cody in time with Jared’s thrusting, and once again we’re moving as one, sharing so much pleasure that I’m helpless against the desire filing me up from my toes, making me feel warm and so cared for, like every need I’ve ever had is being satisfied right here and now. Jared pulls me back faster, his cock pumping in and out of me, his fingers grasping my skin hard enough to leave marks and it feels so good to sense him let go like this, that I’m the reason he can be completely free this way.

Cody’s arching in little thrusts against my mouth, his breathing coming in grunts. I stroke his balls as I suck and grip him, wanting to make him feel good. I can taste his salty precum and it makes me eager taste the rest when he comes. Jared plunges against me harder, our bodies slapping together obscenely, his hard, strong body pleasuring me so perfectly that I start to float away again on a cloud of tingling bliss. I can feel my climax building and start to grunt with the exertion of keeping Cody deep in my mouth and arching hard against Jared.

Jared slows to arch deep into me, filling me to the hilt. I cry out as the first intense wave hits me like a drug. Jared grips me firmly on the shoulder as he thrusts again, firm and so deep. I give a quivering gasp as the next wave of my climax crashes into me. “Jared!” I cry as joy and ecstasy thunder into me.

“I’m right here, baby,” he says. “I’ll always be right where you need me,” he growls, thrusting into me again, lighting every nerve ending with a fiery pulse that explodes inside me. A desperate moan that sounds more like an animal’s wild cry escapes from my lips. Jared holds me there, his hips pressed so tight against me. My whole body starts to quiver—my thighs shaking so bad that if he wasn’t holding me up, I’m afraid I would collapse. A haze of bliss envelops me, carrying me up and away, my skin feeling warm and satisfied and my brain swimming in a contentment so complete that no thoughts break through, I’m just hurtling through space, tapping the stars as I shoot blissfully past.

Slowly I come back down to the sensation of Jared thrusting inside me again, faster, his strong hands on my hips.

“You ready for my cum, darlin’?” Jared grunts, his breath coming fast. “So Cody can take his turn?”

My desire kicks on again when I realize what’s happening. “Yes,” I gasp as the last of my orgasm fades, only to be replaced by another spike of need. God, I love it when he takes me like this, so dominant and controlling, like he’s some kind of beast on the brink of wildness. I wrap my lips around Cody’s cock again and suck while Jared pounds into me from behind. The three of us are moving fast, reckless.

“Fuck, baby, you feel so fucking good,” Jared breathes, and I risk a look back at him to watch his hips thrusting hard into me, his honed muscles rippling. He sees me and his dark eyes glint with desire. He squeezes my hips harder, pulling me back against him fast and firm, our bodies banging together, his arms like pistons and his thick cock arching all the way inside me.

“Oh!” I cry out, squeezing my eyes shut as another orgasm comes out of nowhere. “Yes, yes!” I can’t hold back. Jared fucks me even faster, pushing my shoulders down on the bed, making the feeling even more intense. With a roar, Jared arches into me, his hot cum splashing against my walls. He thrusts again and again as I cry out in ecstasy.

Finally, when he’s empty, he folds over me, both of us breathing hard. He hugs me tight around the middle until our chests stop heaving. He pulls out of me and kisses down my back. “So messy, darlin’,” he says, stroking my soaking-wet pussy. “And Cody’s just gonna make you even filthier.”

I moan as he rolls me to my back and peels my jeans the rest of the way off.

“That’s right, sweetness,” Cody says, pulling me to him. “We’re not even close to being done with you.”


When I open my eyes. it’s still dark. Now that summer is almost over, our daylight patterns are quickly shifting to resemble the lower 48’s. Cody is curled on his side with one arm around my middle while Jared has pulled one of my legs over his so that we’re wrapped, tangled, our usual. I’m not surprised that they’re still sleeping because we were up half the night. Cody made me come twice, once while straddling him, his hands directing my hips up and down, and another with his finger while I sucked Jared. You’d think that after that, we would have collapsed. We did, for a while. But Cody woke up at midnight and roused us to go look at the stars, and well, after that we were back to making our own.

I sigh, savoring their warmth. The nights are chillier now, so I was glad for extra warmth from their bodies. I hear the sound of the creek outside, it’s sushhh and chatter, plus the sound of the occasional fish darting through the riffles. I was shocked the first time I saw how many giant, red-backed salmon moved up this little waterway. Watching them sprint through the shallow sections then rest in the clear pools as they quickly progressed upriver put me in a state of total wonder.

I’m constantly being inspired by this land, and the knowledge that I not only get to stay, but that I am contributing to something good makes me feel at peace, and whole.

Even better that I get to share it with two hardworking, handsome men who feel the same way I do—that we were made for this. That the hardships of our pasts can be shed and left behind, like some kind of shell that no longer fits.

The faintest of light begins to warm the room, and I once again marvel at how they built this for me—right under my nose. I think back to the few times we were apart over the summer, or that one of them had “errands” to run in McKenzie. Obviously, they were planning and building this.

I lift my left hand and watch my new gold band shine in the low light. They’ve done all this for me, I think. Our own little getaway and three rings to bond us. Forever.

I slide from their embraces, careful not to wake them, and pull the spare blanket over me. I go to the woodstove and stoke the fire from the night before, blowing on the coals until they glow and adding a small stack of kindling. The heavy cast-iron door closes with a click and moments later, I hear the wood inside start to crackle. I notice that Cody has already prepared the coffeepot, just like he does at home. I set it on the stove to boil, then step outside.

My breath catches. In the distance, the peaks of the jagged mountains are obscured by a band of cloud that’s turned completely pink by the sunrise—like cotton candy. Sunlight hits the meadow with a pale glow and the wildflowers, their dried, faded heads ready to go to seed, stir lazily in the icy breeze. I snuggle tighter into the blanket and settle on the step to savor the colors as they brighten one hue at a time.

My mind wanders through my memories of the summer camp sessions and the many children who touched my heart. Several of them will return to our school this fall, and I can hardly wait to be with them again, this time as their teacher. The door opens behind me and Cody sits down. He offers me a cup of coffee.

I give him a kiss as a thank you. He’s dressed only in a pair of briefs. “Aren’t you cold?” I ask, grinning.

He sits close and takes a sip of his coffee. “Just being near you warms me up, darlin’,” he teases, giving my temple a peck.

Jared comes out in his jeans and stretches, releasing a roar like a bear’s. He settles in on the other side of me. “Good morning, gorgeous,” he says, giving me a long, tender kiss.

From the picket line, my horse neighs. She’s standing nose to tail with Hugo, Jared’s horse, their tails flicking in synchrony.

“And good morning to you, too, Darby,” Jared says to her, grinning.

I laugh and lean my head on his shoulder. Very soon, I know he’ll return inside for his coat and shoes so he can go tend to them, but for this minute, he rests. The three of us sip our coffee—still so strong but I’ve come to love it—and watch the dawn break.

I realize with certainty in this moment that it’s enough, what the three of us have, what we’ve built and will continue to build together. It’s more than enough.



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