Her Wild Coast Haven Bonus Scene

After a sleepless night apart, these three practically combust!


I arrive at the farmhouse after a restless night at Kit’s. I couldn’t stop thinking about Jared, and Evan. How they make me feel.

How I want more.

Kit took one look at me and whooped. Once her mom was settled on the couch with Jeopardy! blaring, I told her everything.

“What the hell are you doing staying here tonight, then?” she asked when I was through, my body so tight with longing that I felt sick.

“I don’t know…to think this over maybe? To get a breath.”

Kit looked worried. “It’s intense.”

I nodded as my blood whooshed through my veins and the deepest place inside me throbbed, eager to be full again.

Kit pulled me into a hug. “Sounds like they’re taking good care of you.”

I sighed in her arms. “The very best.”

Now that I’m back at the farmhouse, my need ratchets up another notch. My breaths are fast in my throat. My skin tingles with awareness.

The Dodge is parked in front of the barn and I don’t hear their voices or the pounding of hammers. Maybe they’ve gone on a ride this morning, or are working too far inside the barn for me to hear them. I have a full workday ahead of me, but I’m feeling too wound up to work.

In the kitchen, I put away my lunch things and am about to make a cup of tea to settle my nerves when I see Jared and Evan approaching the house on their mountain bikes. They move with such grace and power, their faces lost in soft focus. I can picture them as young boys, returning from a morning of exploring, and my heart melts.

Through the open window above the sink, I hear the outdoor shower at the back of the house turn on, followed by their laughter and banter.

Because of the way I’d parked, they may not have seen my car.

I get a sudden idea. It’s crazy, but the more I try to shut it down, the stronger the urge becomes. Leaving my shoes at the back door, I slip from the house and pad on the soft grass to the shower entrance. It’s been constructed in a way that doesn’t need doors—the outside walls form a short hallway that turn sharply, shielding the interior.

“That felt good,” Jared says from inside the shower. “I didn’t sleep for shit last night.”

“Me neither. You don’t think we pushed her too hard, do you?”

“Pretty sure she liked it,” Jared says.

I blush.

Evan groans. “The minute she gets here I’m going to need to kiss her.”

“Aye,” Jared says.

They’re silent for a moment as they rinse. It gives me a split second to work up my nerve. Then I step inside the entrance, pulling my dress up and off as I go.

My bracelets jingle, but I’m too driven by need to be worried about spoiling my surprise.

“Tasha?” Jared’s firm voice calls out.

Heart thumping into my ribs, I step around the corner.

Both of them are naked, their skin beaded with water and their hair wet. Their bodies are so muscular and toned. I am overcome with the need to kiss every inch of them, explore to my heart’s content.

We’re frozen for a moment, the air around us crackling, ready to combust.

“About that kiss,” I say, my voice high and breathy, as if I’ve sprinted a mile to get here.

Evan steps forward, his hazel eyes so bright, intense, like a tiger’s. But I don’t feel scared. He slides his hand along my jaw and into my hair where he tugs me close to him for a kiss.

His wet, soft tongue slides into my mouth. I reach out for his waist to fight the feeling that I’m tumbling into free fall. His sides are firm and smooth, the muscles taut.

I kiss him back, my lips pressing softly into his. He steps closer, which presses his erection into my hip. Unable to stop myself, I reach down and stroke him.

He sucks in a breath and closes his eyes for an instant. “I love it when you touch me.”

Jared is standing close, watching us, his sharp eyes dark.

“But you came here for something, did you?” Evan asks, gently moving my hand.

“I heard you two talking about not sleeping,” I say as Jared steps forward to caress down my arm. “I couldn’t sleep either.”

“Because of us?” Evan says, his eyes smoldering.

“Because of what you want,” Jared says in his confident, rich tone.

“Yes,” I say, my voice trembling now. Everything inside me is pulsing and needy, craving them.

Jared steps forward to kiss me. His lips are firm but soft, hungry. Our tongues swirl in a slow, seductive dance. He caresses down to my breast where he strokes. My nipples are so hard and buzzing that I startle. Evan caresses my other breast, his wet fingers making me gasp.

“Does our little teacher need to be fucked?” Evan asks.

Desire flares inside me. I groan into Jared’s mouth.

Evan gently turns me so I’m facing the wooden bench built into the wall. He kisses down my spine, urging me forward as he does. I comply, so turned on by being with them again that I’m completely at their mercy. I fold forward and brace my hands on the bench.

“Good girl,” Jared says, reaching out to caress my shoulder.

Evan kisses lower, parting my thighs. Shameless and needy, I arch my back to him. He caresses my pulsing folds with his thick fingers.

“So wet for us,” Evan says with a groan, then gives me one firm lick.

I cry out, my thighs quivering. I lower my head between my shoulders, completely helpless to this overpowering hunger.

Evan caresses and licks me with his fingers and tongue. I’m so turned on that soon I’m rocking and gasping.

“You want to come on Evan’s tongue or his cock, sweetness?” Jared asks from where he’s standing next to me, one foot on the bench while he strokes himself in slow, firm tugs.

“His cock,” I manage as my craving to feel him inside me nearly drives me insane. “Then yours.”

Jared brushes my hair over my shoulder, his touch so gentle while Evan’s tongue and fingers take me to the brink.

“Please,” I beg.

With a groan, Evan kisses up my spine, giving my backdoor a little flick of his tongue. I buck away because everything is so intense, buzzing, hungry. He could make me come in seconds this way, but there’s only one thing that will satisfy me completely.

Evan steps between my thighs, his thick, hard cock gliding against my folds. He’s bare, but it’s exactly what I want. The three of us are clean, and I can’t get pregnant, so why not be able to feel everything together?

In one firm, sensual thrust, Evan pushes inside me. He’s so big it’s almost too much. I gasp as he slowly retreats, then drives back in.

“Baby, you feel so good,” Evan says, his hands gliding up to hold my waist.

He thrusts again, stretching me to the brink. I’m so wet that this time, he slides all the way in. I grip the edge of the bench and arch to him, needing this, needing him to make this agonizing ache go away.

Jared groans, tugging on his cock while watching us, his eyes bright with need.

Evan starts to move, thrusting in deep, long strokes. My discomfort fades, replaced by an intense, bright pleasure. I rock back to meet his thrusts, savoring the way his strong thighs feel against my ass and his firm grip on my waist. He moves faster and I fold over my hands, wanting him deeper.

“That’s it, sweetness, let me fill you all the way up.”

The pleasure rises faster and faster, expanding inside me, filling my veins with pure need and pleasure. They mix together and swirl through me higher and higher until I’m consumed and the only sounds are Evan’s grunts, our bodies tapping together, and my fast, high breaths. I tighten around him, wanting to feel everything, needing him close and firm and deep.

Evan thrusts faster, rocking me against him. I love how fast and aggressive he gets with me, like I unlock the wildness in him.

Jared reaches down to stroke my breast, and it’s the final spark I need. I open my mouth and arch my back as I plunge over the edge, a flood of pleasure bursting inside me.

With Jared’s fingers caresses on my breast and Evan’s cock thrusting fast and hard, I come, my cries filling the small space. The three of us move together, sharing something so intimate and carnal and wild.

Evan keeps thrusting through my climax, his body crashing into mine. He grips my waist hard as he comes, driving deep inside me. My body tingles with an intense, blissful heat, the waves of my climax pulsing through me. Evan holds my waist, keeping me close as he throbs.

We’re both breathing hard and my skin feels warm and flushed.

Evan slides out of me, and the sensation makes me quiver. A trickle from him slides down my inner thigh.

“My turn,” Jared says, and moves to behind me. With his fingers, he gently strokes my swollen folds. I’m still so sensitive but within minutes of his careful, tender touch, I’m quivering and needy all over again.

“Take me,” I say with a groan. “Please.”

Jared caresses up my spine, slowly, his touch so gentle. “Arch your back for me,” he says, sliding his hand over my shoulder.

I comply, my thighs trembling.

“That’s it,” Jared says in his firm, soothing tone. With one hand on my shoulder and the other gripping my ass, he slides slowly inside me. He goes slow but his body is so confident that it’s easy to give in and trust him, trust that he knows what I need.

He holds me firm while he drives slow and deep, and it’s so sensual and powerful that another climax starts to build. It’s not as big and bright as the one Evan gave me, but it’s more intense, like I’m being carried off on a giant wave, the sea cradling me.

“Come for me, sweetness,” Jared says in a sweet, firm voice as he thrusts slow and sensual, tapping my innermost place, a place that’s been empty until now.

I give in to the gently breaking wave, my skin hot and pulsing with need as all the sensations crash together. I feel cherished and protected and so full of joy and lightness. It’s a sensation I’ve never felt before and one that I don’t want to be without.

“Jared,” I moan as the climax breaks free and I submit to it, let it fill me, push into all my most tender places, my hidden places.

Jared keeps moving inside me, arching deep. My thighs quiver with aftershocks and fatigue but I hold on, wanting to make him feel good.

“Take him nice and deep, Tasha,” Evan says, brushing back my hair. “So he can come inside your sweet pussy.”

Jared grasps me by the hips and drives slow and deep, his cock so big and full. He comes with a groan, his hold firm on my skin. He pulses inside me while we both breathe hard.

Slowly, Jared slides out of me. He helps me rise up, then takes me into his arms. We’re still breathing fast, my skin hot against his. Behind me, Evan caresses down my spine.

“Let’s get you clean, doll, so we can make you dirty again.”

He steps to the shower and turns on the water.

Jared steps back and raises an eyebrow.

A shiver races down my chest. “I thought…well…don’t we all have work to do today?”

Jared laces his fingers into mine, then raises our hands to his lips. He kisses each of my fingers. “I think it can wait a little longer, don’t you?”

I release a trembling breath.

Jared leads me into the shower. They both hold me and caress me, and I explore their bodies, the water making everything so slippery and sensual so that by the time we’re through I’m quivering and needy all over again.

They dry me off, and then Evan wraps me in a towel, a mischievous look in his eye. “You have exactly ten seconds to get upstairs to my bed.” He leans in to kiss along my jaw until he’s right next to my ear. My toes practically curl, the sensation is so delicious. “Jared and I have something very special planned for you.”

I have a few ideas of what this could be, but don’t ask because I love how they’re introducing me to the way they like things. Like they’re in no rush, and enjoying each moment.

I take off for the house, my heart pounding.

They catch me just as I settle on the edge of Evan’s bed.

Evan points at the towel still wrapped around me. “Off,” he says.

So eager for what they have in store for me, I stand and tug the towel from me and toss it to the side.

A look of intense longing passes through Evan’s eyes. Jared’s look is equally hungry. They both ditch their towels. I shouldn’t be surprised that they’re both hard again. Another pulse of desire thunders through me.

“Lay back on the bed,” Evan says as they move to either side of me. “So we can make you feel good.”

Jared lifts my chin so we’re gazing into each other’s eyes. “Together,” he adds. “Are you ready for that, baby?”

Yearning to feel the two of them moving with me sparks a deep, powerful hunger. “I’m ready.”

They hook me under the arms and slide me onto the bed. Jared pins my hands above my head and kisses me, his tongue dominating my mouth. I’m so turned on I can barely get a breath. Evan kisses down to my breasts where he cradles me and suckles my tingling, needy peaks. The sensation of being held down while pleasure soars through me is intoxicating, and soon I’m squirming and breathless. Evan moves down and Jared takes over caressing my nipples—one hand still pinning my arms firmly to the bed.

Evan kisses the exposed skin at my hip and tummy, his wet, eager tongue sending off sparks everywhere he touches. He slides his fingers between my folds. I gasp and writhe against Jared’s grip, but he holds me firm. He leans in to kiss me, his tongue firm and wet.

My thoughts are spinning while my skin is buzzing with need.

“I love how insatiable you are,” Evan says, his fingers gliding everywhere.

I groan because he’s right. My climax is building so fast, like I’m a race car going from zero to ninety, my engine revved to the max.

Jared kisses down to my nipples and takes one between his teeth, gripping me just right, while he caresses the other breast and rubs his thumb across my hard tip. Evan swirls his fingers against where I’m so wet and eager that I arch into him. Sensations come at me from everywhere at once—my aching clit, my needy folds, my tingling nipples.

Jared flicks his tongue while Evan’s fingers move faster, up and down, swirling around my button and back again. I’m arching and panting as their lips and fingers push me further to the edge.

“Come for us, Tasha,” Jared says, sucking me into his mouth while his tongue swirls.

I cry out as the sensations of pleasure pour into me, my body arched against Jared’s firm hold on me as I teeter on the brink for what feels like forever.

Evan slides a finger inside me, thrusting and stroking that magical place inside me that makes me crazy. Moaning and gasping, the first wave hits me and I go crashing over the edge. I let everything go, and an ecstasy like I’ve never known rushes in, exploding inside me. I squeeze my eyes shut and the sounds coming from my mouth are wild and raw, but I barely hear them because I’m somewhere off in the stratosphere, flying, soaring.

When I finally come back down my body is quivering.

Jared has released my hands and kisses me gently, then looks at me, a sparkle in his eyes.

Evan gives my pussy one last little stroke, and I buck away because I’m so sensitive, like they’ve drained me. But I can already feel my desire building again, and shudder just thinking about the ways they’re going to pleasure me next.

We lay there kissing, each of them taking a turn with me, stroking me softly, their touch so gentle. Jared caresses my nipples until they get tingly again. Shivers dance over my skin. I caress down to where they’re both fully erect so smooth, I moan. I love touching them like this, together.

They must take this as some kind of cue because Jared rolls his back and Evan takes my hand, pulling me to my knees.

“You’re going to take us both this time, baby, but we’ll go at your pace, okay?”

I realize what he wants, and let Jared lift my thigh over his torso so I’m straddling him, facing away. Evan rises to standing, and the image of what we’re about to do together snaps into place.

Am I ready for this? They seem so confident, and more than anything I want to please them, so when Jared urges me up, I help him by tilting my hips and leaning forward. His cock slips into place and I lower, taking him in slowly.

Jared sits up behind me, stroking my breasts and kissing my shoulder. “Fuck you feel good,” he says on a groan.

I rise up and down, savoring the tight heat of Jared filling me and his kisses lighting up my skin.

Evan steps closer. I reach for him and close my eyes so I can focus on the intense pleasure pulsing through me.

I slip Evan between my lips, eager to taste him. He strokes the side of my face and I pause to look at him. A jolt of emotion races through me as our eyes connect because the expression on his face—so open and trusting yet so full of yearning knocks something loose in me, strengthens the trust I have in him.

I rock up from Jared, taking Evan deeper into my mouth, his girth stretching my lips. I grip him with one hand and his hip to steady myself with the other.

“Fuck yes, darlin,” Jared says, his voice tight with desire. “You take care of Evan while I take care of you.”

I sink down onto Jared, rising up Evan’s shaft as I do, then rock up. Jared caresses my lower back, and I shiver. I turn to see his eyes blazing, making him look so serious that my heart quivers. In that moment, I surrender completely to him and to whatever he wants to do to me.

I rock up and take Evan all the way in. He brushes back my hair and gently grips the back of my head. Jared guides my hips up and down and together, we start to rock in a slow, intense rhythm. Evan groans as I suck and bob, my tongue swirling against his hot shaft. My innermost muscles start pulsing, wanting more, while my heart hammers against my rib cage.

The three of us start to rock, Evan’s hand on my head keeping me tight on his cock, and Jared filling me to the hilt with his steady, firm rhythm.

I become a single unit of lust and need, gliding up and down Evan’s shaft, submitting to Jared’s thrusts.

Jared caresses down my spine to the cleft of my ass. I suck in a breath. He swirls a finger around my backdoor.

“You like me here, don’t you baby?” he purrs.

I moan, my voice muffled by Evan’s dick deep in my mouth. I tilt my hips just enough to show him what I want.

Evan groans.

Jared opens a bottle of lube, and then I feel his slick finger again, circling wickedly. I continue rocking, sucking Evan while Jared swirls, each time adding just the slightest pressure.

“Clench around me while I push inside you,” Jared says. “I’m going to make you feel so good.”

I do as he says, and feel his finger invade this private place. The feel of him there while his cock has me so close to coming sends me flying over the edge. There’s a sense of discomfort but also an intense fullness that rapidly takes over, leaving me with a feeling of wildness and a bright, powerful need. It’s dirty and hot that they want this, and that alone makes it even more intense.

I rise up, taking Evan back into my mouth, then back down again, feeling Jared glide into both places. I start to come almost instantly, my eyes squeezing shut as the waves of pleasure rise and expand. I arch my back further, wanting more of everything.

I rock faster, harder against Jared while stroking and sucking Evan. Evan cups my head, urging me to take him deeper. Grunting and rocking, I submit to the intensity of it, until I can’t breathe and come off Evan’s cock, bracing against his hip while I hold him tight and Jared takes over, thrusting, pumping while the waves of ecstasy roar through me.

Breathless, I take Evan back into my mouth. Jared slows, moving in a delicious, sensual rhythm. Every nerve ending goes taut and another climax builds in minutes. Jared curls his finger inside me, and I’m coming again, this time my mind tumbling end over end as the blissful sensations wash through me.

“I’m gonna come, baby,” Evan says, thrusting.

I moan my reply.

“Fuck,” he groans as he pumps into me. He’s salty and tangy and rich. Dizzy with desire, I swallow each thrust.

Jared is breathing fast while he moves my hips up and down in that slow, firm pace. With one final thrust, he comes with a hard grunt. Inside me, everything is warm and pulsing and sated.

I rest against Evan’s belly while he strokes my hair and the three of us breathe. Evan steps off the bed and returns with a warm washcloth. He urges me off Jared, then lays me down on my side, using the washcloth to clean me gently.

Jared returns from the bathroom and the three of us curl up like spoons, with my front to Jared’s back and Evan behind me. I wrap my arm over Jared’s waist and release a slow, relaxed breath. Though what we did was intense, I’m already getting turned on again. How could I not with the way they’re making me feel? Helping me to tap into desires I never knew I could have? Coupled with the fact that I trust and respect them and that they’ll keep me safe has my heart doing cartwheels.

“We love making you feel so good, baby,” Evan says, caressing my hip. He kisses my shoulder.

I sigh in contentment and wriggle closer to Evan while pulling Jared back, so we’re pressed tightly together.

Jared pulls my hand to his lips. “I hope we didn’t wear you out, because we’re just getting started.”

I laugh. “That wasn’t enough for you two?”

Jared glances back at me, his eyes bright with yearning.

Evan chuckles then nibbles my shoulder. “Not even close.”


Thanks so much for spending a little extra time with Tasha, Evan, and Jared! I hope you loved their story.

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