Falling for My Ex Bonus Scene (MFM)

Tristan, Leah, & Sasha

“Okay, let’s see you in those boots,” Sasha says when we get home from our shopping spree. “I want the full experience.”

“Full experience, huh?” I tease back, then saunter into my bedroom. I look back and see something in his gaze. It’s not the usual flash of lust, it’s something more than that. Something that gives my gut a little tug.

T.J. comes to stand next to him, and crosses his arms, his eyes bright. “Absolutely. Though if you give us that, we can’t be held accountable for our actions.”

My skin tingles. “All this because of a pair of boots?” I say to keep the teasing going.

Sasha’s eyes are practically molten. “It’s not really about the boots.”

I gaze at T.J., then Sash, and the desire written all over their faces. I’ve always known Sasha would eagerly join me and T.J. in the bedroom, but never really gave it any thought. I mean…who does something like that?

But the way they’re both looking at me right now, like I’m the most desirable woman on earth is making me think crazy thoughts.

Crazy, sexy thoughts.

Quickly, I slip into the bedroom and remove the boots from the box. The black leather is so soft and the heel is definitely sexy. I almost giggle—the emotions and desire rushing through me are like nothing I’ve ever felt.

I slip off my jeans and pull on the boots, then realize the only thing I have to wear with them is my black dress I threw in for “emergencies.”

This is starting to feel like one.

I release a tense breath. This feels risky. And fun. And bold. And reckless.

My specialty.

And haven’t we danced around doing this since the minute I arrived in Chamonix?

But this is T.J. and Sasha we’re talking about. Two of the most important people in my life. People I care about. What if this thing I’m considering doing damages us?

The dress is fitted through the bodice, so I take off my sweater and bra and slip the dress on. The tiny zipper up the back is tricky—I get it halfway but can’t quite reach the middle section.

“I need help,” I say, but it comes out breathy, like my pounding heart has stolen my voice.

I hear footsteps, then a set of fingers on my spine—Tristan’s. I’m almost relieved it’s not Sasha, and yet…

T.J. gets to the top of the zipper, and caresses the crook of my neck with his big, gentle hands. I’m already so turned on that I startle. He kisses me behind the ear. “You look gorgeous,” he says, his voice like a sexy purr.

I tilt my neck so he’ll keep kissing. He complies, his lips so soft. My belly warms and my skin tingles with desire. T.J. caresses slowly down my arms to my waist. The dress is fitted here, then loosens to a soft drape that hits just above my knee. Slowly, he spins me to face him, then takes one step back and drinks me in with his eyes.

“Damn, wildcat,” he says, then takes my hand and whips me in a little spin. My dress flares and the shiny leather from the boots catch the golden light shining in through the window. I feel like some kind of goddess, like I could fly.

“If you wear this to the party, I’ll be so fucking hard I won’t be able to walk.”

I laugh. “A little suffering strengthens character, didn’t you know?”

“Fuck that,” he says, and spins me back into his arms and glides his hands over my ass. “Did I see what I think I did under here?”

“Maybe you should find out,” I say because I know what he likely saw when I twirled—the pair of black thong panties.

Tristan’s eyes flash with heat. He caresses up the back of my thighs, the dress fabric bunching up as he moves, to my bare ass. He strokes me and leans in for a kiss. His tongue slips between my lips, slow and sensual. I kiss him back, my hunger like a match to a flame. I tug on his lower lip and he groans. He traces the edge of my thong up and down, brushing past my backdoor, making my pussy start to throb.

He pulls me closer, his thick cock settling against my hip. From the doorway, a flash of light catches my attention. I turn to see that Sasha leaning against the doorway, his hazel eyes practically glowing.

“We can keep it right here, buttercup,” he says, his face tense with desire. “You might like letting someone else watch.”

Desire surges through me. Imagining Sasha’s intense gaze on me while T.J. drives inside me sends a bolt of heat to my core.

“Or we can invite him to join us,” T.J. says, kissing along my jaw to the back of my ear. He glides his fingertips under the hem of my thong and traces it from my low back around my waist to where it starts to dip down.

Sasha gives me a sly grin. “You tell us what you want.”

“I like you watching,” I say as my belly flutters with nerves. Am I really doing this? “But it’s kind of weird when I see you, do you know what I mean?”

Sasha reaches over to where T.J.’s small duffel is open on the dresser and pulls out his tie. It’s a deep burgundy with pale blue pinstripes. “I can help with that, if you want.”

I laugh. “You’re going to tie me up?”

“Not unless you want us to,” he replies, and steps into the room. “What if you were blindfolded?”

Okay, wow. This is getting intense.

He watches me with such care and gentleness that I instantly relax. “Remember, you’re in charge here,” he says.

“This is about you, baby,” T.J. says. “And making you feel good.”

I exhale a shuddering breath.

“Yes,” I say, “blindfold me. For now.”

A look passes between T.J. and Sasha—an acknowledgement of what we’re about to do. “We’ll keep you safe, sweetheart,” T.J. whispers in my ear as he lifts my dress inch by inch up my body. I lift my arms and let him slide it up and off, leaving me standing in just my panties and boots.

Sasha slips Tristan’s tie over my eyes. The fabric is silky and cool. “I’ll be right here, buttercup, watching you. If you want more, you just let me know.”

“And if anything gets to be too much, you say so,” T.J. says and caresses my breast. I suck in a gasp.

“Or anything you want more of, that’s on the table, too,” Sasha says, finishing with tying the blindfold. I hear him step back. “I’ll be nearby, but I won’t touch you unless you ask me to.”

T.J. kisses along my collarbone, his fingers brushing my nipples. Not being able to see is making his touch even more intense. I can focus on the softness of his fingers, the confidence in his strokes. He lowers down and takes one of my nipples into his mouth.

I groan and weave my fingers into his hair.

The strands feel like cool silk against my skin. T.J. flicks and swirls his tongue, teasing me in the most delicious way. He gives the same care to the other one, and uses his fingers on the first, making my body buzz. When he releases me and starts to kiss down, I have a sudden ache, though I don’t know if it’s for him to stay where he is or keep going.

He lowers, kissing along the top of my thong, his hands on my waist. My nipples are still wet from T.J.’s mouth, and so erect they feel almost painful.

Sasha hasn’t moved but I can sense him, hear his soft breaths.

“Sash,” I say as T.J. kisses along the edge of my thong, toward where I’m pulsing with need.

“What do you need, baby?” Sasha says, taking a step to behind me. I can smell his clove-citrus scent and feel his warm breath on the top of my head.

I grab behind me and take his hands to my breasts. “Here,” I say.

He cups my breasts, fingering my hard nipples. He groans. “You’re so soft.”

I release a desperate whimper. His touch feels amazing.

T.J. peels down my panties, kissing every inch of me as he does, until the fabric is rolled to the middle of my thigh. With one smooth stroke, T.J. glides a finger against my folds. His touch is so perfect—firm yet gentle—that I gasp and try to buck away, but Sasha’s tall, solid frame keeps me from getting too far.

“So wet for us,” T.J. says in that sultry purr. “I think you’ve been wanting this to happen.”

I can’t help but smile. Both of them must see it because Sasha releases a soft chuckle and T.J. hums his approval. He shuffles closer, and I’m trying to work out if he’s on his knees or crouching when he flicks his tongue against me.

I cry out, my fingers clenching his hair.

“Fuck I love your taste,” T.J. says, delving my folds again.

Sasha moves closer and kisses the crook of my shoulder while his fingers knead and caress in the most delicious way. His hard shaft presses into my backside, sending a shiver down my thighs. I have no idea where we’re heading, but that they’re both so responsive, so patient as I sort through what I want is as arousing as their touch and their warmth on my skin.

Sasha’s lips on my shoulder and his touch combined with T.J.’s mouth are almost too much. It’s so intense—like some powerful drug. A sweet, achy coiling starts low in my belly, rising fast.

“You come for us and then I’m going to watch you take Tristan into your sweet mouth.”

I lean into him just enough to rub my ass against his pulsing cock. I’m so turned on I feel practically invincible. “I want to taste you both.”

Sasha releases a growl, his teeth scraping the edge of my ear.

T.J. swirls around my tingling, needy clit and slides a finger inside me. With two thrusts I’m coming, my hips rocking against his mouth, my body shamelessly clenching his finger. Sasha pinches my nipples with just the right amount of pressure at the same time, making me cry out again and again.

“So beautiful, buttercup,” Sasha says as little tremors rattle through me. I come down, panting, my body wanting more. Tristan kisses up my belly, nipping with his lips. Pleasure prickles erupt on my skin. He rises to my breasts while Sasha combs my hair to the side and kisses the bare patch of skin behind my ear. I whimper—the climax I just had is fading but a new need is building. T.J. swirls his tongue and sucks, using just the edge of his teeth on my nipples, his mouth so wet and warm. I start to breathe faster, my pulse fluttering harder. I pull on T.J.’s shirt and he helps me slip it off. Behind me, I hear Sasha do the same. Touching them both—one hand one each of their chests—while we stand there breathing feels wild and wonderful at the same time. This is real, and yet, how can it be?

I pop the button on Tristan’s jeans and slide the zipper down. He’s so big that it takes me both hands so I don’t accidentally hurt him. While he steps out of his jeans, I reach for Sasha’s buckle, my fingers shaking I’m so turned on. The leather slides open, freeing the buckle, which clatters as I undo the button on his chinos. While I’m fumbling with the zipper, T.J. caresses down my back, kissing my spine inch by inch.

“No pressure from us,” T.J. says. “Okay? This is all about you.”

“Okay,” I say, and lower Sasha’s zipper. Because of the blindfold, I can’t see the color of his briefs or his size, but I can feel how hard and thick he is. My body gives a shudder.

“That’s all for you, buttercup,” Sasha says, as if reading my mind.

I caress both of them along the top of their briefs, where everything is firm and warm. T.J. gives a soft sigh and caresses my shoulder. “Just your touch feels so good, baby,” he says.

Sasha strokes down my arm with the back of his fingers, his nails hard and smooth, then up to my breast where he brushes over my hard nipple.

Eager to pleasure them, I turn to T.J. and slide his briefs down. His cock springs free as I do, and I can’t help pausing to stroke it and kiss him. He’s so firm, like a hot, smooth stone, and practically bursting in my grip.

“Fuck,” T.J. utters into my mouth. Our lips lock and tug while our tongues swirl and tease. It’s the most sensual form of anticipation for what’s to come. I kiss down his chest, stopping to flick my tongue against both of his nipples then following his happy trail down until I’m on my knees between them. Sasha has placed a pillow there for me, and just this little bit of thoughtfulness hits me right in the center of my heart. The three of us care about each other so much. What we’re doing tonight feels natural and right, and T.J. was probably correct in telling me that I’ve been wanting this from them. I just wasn’t bold enough to give into it until now.

I caress down Sasha’s firm abs to the soft patch of curls to his cock. He’s long and thick, the tip thinner than T.J.’s. When I wrap my fingers around him, he gives a shudder. I stroke him up and down while feathering my touch up T.J.’s inner thigh until I get to the sensitive place beneath his balls. T.J. widens his stance to expose more to me while pumping his cock in a slow rhythm. Imagining him watching me stroke Sasha sends a blast of fiery heat through me. I wrap my lips around Sasha’s cock while still stroking T.J.’s sensitive spot. Both of them make little noises—Sash’s is like a low growl, and T.J.’s is a sexy little sigh.

Sasha feels silky smooth against my lips. I lower down, taking him deeper into my mouth while my hand slides to the base of his shaft. I take him as deep as I can and ride him back to the tip, my mouth slurping a little as I release him. Turning to T.J., I grip his girth and lower my lips, squeezing him as I take him all the way in.

“Fuck, that’s hot,” Sasha says, sweeping my hair back from my face and combing it out of the way.

“Her mouth is amazing,” T.J. says as I glide down, stroking in tandem with my hand. I lick the salty precome off his tip, and Sasha groans.

I turn and take Sasha back into my mouth. This time I open my throat to take him a little deeper, and he gives me an appreciative groan. I bob up and down and glide, with one hand on the plane of his hip to steady myself. Then I go back to T.J., grasping him so I can lick the underside of his shaft. He hisses in pleasure, and strokes the hair back from my face. I suck him deep, his thick cock filling my mouth. God, it feels amazing to be pleasuring both of them at once. Like I have some kind of superpower.

“You’re doing that so good, baby,” he says with a groan, his hips giving little thrusts in time with my movements.

I reach to Sasha and grip him. He wraps his hand over mine so we can stroke him together while I suck T.J. The added sensations and harmony of the three of us doing something so intimate and pleasurable together makes me feel cherished and desired in a way I never thought possible. I switch so that I’m sucking Sasha’s cock while stroking T.J.’s We’re all breathing fast and the boys are rocking with me in little thrusts. We’re like our own little rocket ship, heading into the stratosphere.

I switch back to taking T.J. into my mouth. He utters a groan, one that tells me he’s close.

“You want this to be enough for tonight, buttercup?” Sasha says as I slurp up and down while pumping T.J. with my hand. “Or do you want more? Because I could come in this perfect mouth of yours and die a happy man.”

I release him with a pop. “More,” I say, practically panting.

Sasha and T.J. must exchange some kind of communication because they hook me under my arms and gently lift me to my feet.

“You ready for this to come off?” T.J. says, fingering the blindfold. It’s as if he’s read my mind.

“Yeah,” I say with a nod.

T.J. slips the knot free and the tie falls from my face. Sasha is on his back on the bed, splayed out, his long legs parted and his hand stroking his cock. It’s so sexy to watch him tugging firmly, slowly, while his eyes are fixed on me.

From behind me, T.J. stands close and brushes his fingers down my arms. He kisses the crook of my neck, sucking the skin there just a little. Tingles shoot to my core.

“Why don’t you suck Sasha’s cock while I make you come from behind?” he says, gliding his fingers to my throbbing folds. I give a desperate whimper. Never in my life would I have thought hearing words like this would turn me on. But right now, I’m a roman candle about to burst.

I climb onto the bed and crawl to between Sasha’s thighs. I catch a flash of my reflection in the small mirror over the dresser along the wall, but it’s almost too much. Maybe I’ll like watching later when the rest of my inhibitions are breaking away.

Sasha releases his cock, his eyes dark and intense. “If any of this gets to be too much, we stop, no problem, okay?”

“Okay,” I say, but there’s no way I can stop now. I want this too much.

He caresses the side of my face and smiles, then tucks his hands behind his head, a motion of confidence—of surrender—that warms me from the inside out.

T.J. climbs onto the bed behind me as I lower down and take Sasha into my mouth. Though being the floor and having them both in tandem was definitely sexy, the bed is much more comfortable, and without the blindfold too, I’m more relaxed. Or maybe I’m just getting even more excited. Or trusting. Or both.

I give in to the sensation of Sasha’s fullness stretching my lips and his warmth against my tongue. I stroke with my hand while I move up and down, slowly, each time sucking hard on his soft, fat tip.

Behind me, T.J. feathers his touch up and down my inner thigh. Heat begins to pool in my belly and pulse through my bloodstream.

T.J. urges my knees apart and kisses up my thigh while I lick the underside of Sasha’s shaft. Sasha sucks in a groan, his teeth clenching and his hazel eyes shining like gems.

T.J. caresses my ass in soft strokes, then grasps me just below each cheek, gently parting me open. I gasp as he buries his face in my folds, his tongue firm on my pussy. Unable to stop myself, I arch to him, exposing myself even more.

“That’s it, baby,” T.J. says. “Take Sash into your mouth while I taste you.”

With a groan at how hot these dirty words make me, I comply, sucking Sasha’s cock deep into my mouth. He’s getting so big and hot that I can barely take him.

T.J. wraps his lips around my folds and delves my opening with his tongue. I release a groan which vibrates through Sasha’s cock. He tilts his hips to me, wanting more.

Sasha’s cock is slick with my saliva and the motion from my hand, making slurping sounds that mixed with our fast breaths and sighs create a soundtrack that will be woven into my memories forever. Tristan licks and sucks me in the same rhythm as I’m using on Sasha—slow and deep. I rock down and take Sasha while T.J. glides back. I glide up, and T.J. thrusts his tongue inside me, his wet lips pressing against my aching folds. Oh my God is it hot.

Sasha reaches down and cups my breast, rolling his fingertips over my aching nipple. The sudden addition of pleasure in this exquisite way sends me into overdrive. I arch more to T.J. and suck tighter on Sasha. We move faster, my hips rocking back harder, wanting him deeper. My climax starts to break free. Sasha pinches my nipple and I cry out. We move faster. Everything is happening fast, faster. The colors of the room bleach to a bright white and the sounds fade to just my desperate, high-pitched breaths, begging for release, and the taste of Sasha’s hard cock gliding in and out of my mouth. I start to come but the avalanche of pleasure is too much and I come off of Sasha with a sharp cry. I fold forward, my hair falling all around my face as I give into the ecstasy of T.J.’s mouth and tongue pleasuring me from behind—his wet, soft tongue and his firm grip on my thighs.

I let out a desperate, feral cry as it all breaks loose, my body flooded with joy and pleasure and lightness. The pleasure expands, taking me higher, to a place of sweetness and such peace that I’m floating, weightless, as if on a cloud. Slowly, the sensation fades, and I come down, panting, my body releasing little quivers. T.J. kisses my pussy, sucking gently, before releasing me and connecting several tender kisses up my spine.

“You ready for my cock, baby?” T.J. says, and gently glides his shaft against my throbbing folds.

My body is still buzzing and my skin flush with heat, but hell yes, I’m ready. “Yes,” I say, my voice a desperate whisper.

“Good girl,” Sasha says, stroking himself. We lock eyes as T.J. thrusts inside me. Everything is tight and hot and pulsing and so, so good. He glides in slowly, until he’s all the way in, pulsing, stretching my walls deliciously.

“Tristan,” I groan.

Sasha strokes himself while T.J. holds me there, his hands moving to my waist.

“I’m right here, baby,” he says, and glides back. I’m so turned on that the sensation lights up every pleasure sensor inside me. I practically pounce on Sasha’s cock, wanting to bring him into the same blissful place as us. He sucks in a hiss and strokes the side of my face.

“So fucking hot, sweetness,” he says, his voice low and sultry.

T.J. starts to thrust, and we pick up the same rhythm as before, with me rocking between them. I can hear Tristan breathing faster, his grip on my waist more firm. We rock, me sucking, T.J. filling me deliciously with firm, deep thrusts. The sensations are so perfect and so intense, my body humming with a greedy, frenetic energy and so alive, that it all starts to crash and swirl inside me. I give in to the sweetness of letting go and of the powerful feelings of bliss and trust and joy. My first climax shatters loose and I cry out, bucking my hips against T.J., with Sasha’s cock in my mouth. T.J. keeps going, thrusting harder, his shaft driving deep inside me, to my most sacred place. Another climax stirs to life.

“I’m gonna come,” he grunts out. “You want me in your mouth, sweetness?”

I take him deep, my lips squeezing him so tight.

Sasha gives a groan and comes hard, his hot seed a salty thickness on my tongue as I swallow it down. I fold over him as T.J. drives harder, faster, our skin damp from our movements.

“Fuck,” T.J. grunts as our thighs tap with a smack. He thrusts again, hard, and I cry out as my climax builds even more. I’m holding onto Sasha’s sides, my fingers digging into his skin and my forehead pressed into his belly.

Tristan continues driving slow and hard, and each time I cry out in desperation and need, utterly surrendered to him, until it all breaks loose. A scream rips through me, one born of intense and anguished relief and joy, of freedom. The pleasure explodes inside me, sending me soaring.

With a firm grunt, Tristan grabs my shoulder and drives deep inside me. His release shudders loose and he pulses hard inside me.

Slowly, he folds over me, kissing up my back as he does, and puts his arms around my middle. The three of us rest there, the sounds of our soft breaths filling the room.

After a moment, T.J. slides out of me. Even though I should want to rest after this, my body already craves him again.

Sasha pulls me to him while T.J. walks to the bathroom. He combs through my hair and down my arm, his touch tender. When T.J. returns, he curls up behind me, his warm skin molded to mine, and kisses the crook of my neck.

“Mmm,” Sasha says with a sexy groan. “I think you two ruined me.”

I reach down and give his cock a stroke. Sure enough, he’s already getting hard again. “That’s not the vibe I’m getting.”

He laughs, then shifts so he’s facing me and T.J. His eyes shine. “Not like that, buttercup,” he says with a playful grin. “Ruin me as in not being able to top that.”

“Oh,” I say.

His playful grin makes his eyes flash with heat. “So whenever you two want a little company, count me in.”

T.J. laughs, then kisses behind my ear. A little tingle shivers down my spine.

Out of the corner of my eye, I give T.J. a look. He grins back, as if reading my mind.

I lean over and place a soft kiss on Sasha’s lips, then whisper, “How about right now?”


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