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Brooke & Wyatt’s Bonus Scene

A special night alone in a big, empty house with firelight, laughter, and promises



Okay little, tiny white lie: I told Brooke I had to leave the Gazette early for an interview. Instead, I race home and get everything ready. I only have two hours, but I clean, place the flowers in a vase and set the table, put the pot roast in the oven, and set out the candles. I also place the gift I’ve been saving for her on the coffee table. I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she opens it.

I can’t help but want to celebrate our first real night alone in our house. Leah filming in Europe for the next month and Vonnie left today for a trip to Florida with the family she nannies for.

I’ve made sure my siblings know to stay clear. No stopping by to feed any animals (Annika) or do a load of laundry (Caleb) or fix something (Grady) or come play in the treehouse (Taylor & Caleb). This of course earned me an load of shit from everyone but Annika, who is all in favor of Brooke and me finally having some time alone.

My hair is still wet from my shower when Brooke’s car pulls down the long driveway, the beam of her headlights sweeping across the dimmed dining room. The newly lit fire crackles in the river rock fireplace, the orange flames dancing. Quickly I light the candles and que the sexy soundtrack I spent hours curating earlier this week.

A minute later, Brooke opens the door, bundled from head to foot in her pompom hat, puffy long coat, and thick winter boots, even though it’s still October.

“Wyatt?” she calls out, setting down her bag and unzipping her coat.

I carry us both a glass of wine from the kitchen. “Welcome home,” I say.

Her sharp gaze warms as she takes it all in. “This is nice,” she says in a tone that’s wary as well as curious. “Something tells me this is where you’ve been all afternoon. Not conducting interviews.”

“Guilty,” I say, and lean down to kiss her. “But I wanted to surprise you.”

She caresses my face and kisses me back. Her lips are cold but soft. She slips her tongue into my mouth for a slow, sensual swirl. My blood heats. If I wasn’t holding two glasses of wine, I would press her into the wall and see where this kiss might lead us.

“I’m surprised, and excited,” she says and grins. I hand her one of the glasses and lead her by the hand to the couch facing the fireplace.

I lift each foot and slide off her boots and thick socks so I can rub them.

Brooke closes her eyes and sighs. “That feels heavenly.”

Oh how I’m looking forward to pampering her even more.

“How was the rest of your day?” I ask, massaging her arches and under the pad of her foot.

Brooke sips her wine as she gives me updates on the stories we’re working, including some of the flak from a group of ranchers. They’re upset at how we’ve alerted the Department of Labor regarding the unfair treatment of some of the immigrant Basque sheepherders who work for them.

When we’ve covered all the bases and made a plan, she glances thoughtfully at the stairway. “It’s so quiet. I miss them.”

A pang tightens my chest. “I do too.” All day I’ve been feeling this strange emptiness, as if a part of me is missing. I suppose a part of me is. After all, I’ve spent the last six years raising my sisters. We’ve been through a lot. Caring about them isn’t something I can just turn off.

If I didn’t have Brooke here with me tonight, I’d be a mess.

“But they’ll be back,” Brooke says, scooting next to me and folding her legs crisscross.

“And someday we’ll have our own,” I say.

She gives me a wary but mischievous look. “Not soon, though, or has something changed?”

I caress down her arm and lean in to kiss her again. I tug on her lower lip, then gently tease with my tongue.

“Nothing’s changed,” I say, setting our wine glasses on a side table, then lifting her right thigh and urging her hips to slide over mine. My stiffening cock gives an aching throb when she settles against me. “I need nights like this for a while first.”

“Nights like this, huh?” she asks, her eyes like sparks in the low light. “What do you have in mind, cowboy?”

I take her beautiful face in my hands and kiss her, slowly, flicking my tongue with hers. She tastes of wine and frost and the spicy perfume that drives me crazy. I will never get tired of kissing her. She sighs softly, her hips rolling against mine.

“First, I’m going to make you come on this couch,” I say, caressing her soft, round tits through her sweater.

She grinds against me. “Wyatt, your family uses this couch.”

“So?” I say, and tuck my hands into the back of her waistband to glide along the edge of her thong. “Every time you see this couch, you’ll think of my tongue on your pussy and not a teenager nibbling saltines while recovering from the flu.”

Brooke falls against me, laughing. “I see your point,” she says. “Is there more?”

“Oh, princess, so much more,” I say, and dip my middle finger down the cleft of her ass. She wriggles and her breath catches. “The kitchen, where I’m going to get very creative with some of the surfaces.”

“Oh my.” She tilts her head and frowns. “Though I draw the line at the dining room table though. That’s a sacred space.”

I squint at her. “You sure? Just think…at Thanksgiving when everyone’s talking about stuffing and gravy, you’ll be thinking about how hard I made you come.”

Her breaths are coming faster and her eyes have that sultry desire I so love. “Stop or I won’t be able to say no.”

“Why would I stop? We have all night,” I say, and lift her sweater over her head. Underneath she’s wearing a black camisole and matching bra. We kiss again, and I touch her warm, smooth skin, sliding the straps down. Her nipples firm up perfectly to my touch and she arches to me. I lower and take one into my mouth, sucking and teasing while she gives into me, her head falling back and her mouth opening in desire.

My cock is ready to burst, but she’s got some work to do before we take that step. Slowly, cradling her shoulders, I lay her on the couch and kiss my way down her belly. After unbuttoning her pants, I slide them off and drop them on the floor. I leave on her matching black thong but finger the edge. Back and forth. Back and forth. Enjoying the way she writhes to get me closer.

I part her thighs and climb between them, then tug off my shirt so I can feel all of her warmth. With the tip of my tongue and just the edge of my lips, I plant soft kisses up her inner thigh. She reaches down and squeezes my shoulder, her hips trembling. Being able to do this to her is one of life’s sweetest gifts. I love all of her—not just her delectable curves but her sharp mind, her quick wit, her grace and athleticism, her kindness. Kissing her like this brings all of these feelings to the surface, and I relish it.

“Wyatt,” she breathes.

I slide her panties aside and taste her sweet nectar. Her pussy is petal-soft, like hot velvet. I shift my knees so I can get closer, and take another slow, firm lick. Fuck she tastes good. Brooke opens her thighs, wanting more.

I give her clit a gentle flick of my tongue, inviting it out to play.

“Yes,” Brooke groans, arching to my mouth.

I peel her panties off and return to her glistening, eager pussy. I caress her folds while kissing her belly, her hip, the seam of her thigh. Brooke shudders.

Finally, I come back for another taste, finishing with a caress of her hardening clit.

Brooke gasps, her fingers combing through my hair. I glide and tease, using my lips to suck her clit—gently at first, then harder. Brooke’s hips are arching against me now, our rhythm like a delicious dance. I thrust one finger slowly inside her. She’s heaven—tight and plush. I stroke her there while teasing her with my tongue, curling my finger against the place that makes her come undone.

Brooke’s fingers grip my hair. Her hips thrust against me, drawing me deeper inside her, adding more friction, more contact. That I can satisfy her innermost desires makes me fall for her even harder.

I add another finger and she whimpers, her hips arching faster. “Let go, baby,” I say. “I’m right here.”

“Oh God,” she cries, her grasp on my hair tightening. It stings, but in the best way. It grounds me, reminds me of how lucky I am to be here with her. My love for her rises with her cries, fills me with an intense ache. It’s part desire, part need, part blinding, unrelenting joy.

She’s mine, and I am utterly, helplessly hers.

Brooke comes beautifully in a series of soft cries against my face and fingers. I rock with her, savoring the way our bodies are so in tune. When finally, she comes down, I kiss my way up to her belly and rest my cheek there while she breathes. I stroke her bare hip, riding the rise and fall of her chest, not in any hurry to move.

The fire crackles and snaps, the bright orange glow dancing in the hearth. From the kitchen, the enticing scent of the roast is making my mouth water. As if Brooke’s stomach smells it too, it rumbles against my ear.

I give her perfect tummy a kiss. “Shall we feed you?” I ask.

“Maybe a snack first,” she says with that sassy edge to her voice. She rolls up and urges me back, then unbuckles my pants, the metal jangling.

“If you insist,” I say, and help her slide off my chinos. I lay back as she dips under the edge of my briefs, caressing me with her delicate fingertips. A tremor rattles through me, tightening the knot of desire in my core. I was going to be completely fine waiting until after dinner to have her again, but she has this maddening effect on me. Sometimes it’s only just a look. But now, with her sliding down my briefs, her eyes like sparks, I’m a lost cause.

My raging cock springs free, and she leans down to kiss the tip while stroking my inner thigh. She scoots in closer and grips the base of my shaft. Firm, just how I like it. Her lips glide down, taking just my tip inside her mouth.

I groan. Her mouth is perfect. Tight and warm. She swirls with her tongue, then takes me deeper. Fuck it’s good.

Slowly, she glides down and up, using her hand and mouth in tandem to drive me insane. The wetness from her mouth makes everything slick. I comb back her hair and watch her sweet face in the glow from the hearth. She’s completely focused on me, and the idea that she’s enjoying giving me pleasure sets my heart on fire all over again.

My hips rock against her, urging her faster. She slurps and bobs, squeezing the sensitive place below the tip that sends me to the edge in minutes.

“Fuck,” I utter as she takes me deeper, like she’s completely given in to my needs. For a split second, I think of lifting her onto me so I can come inside her, but I’m going to wait for later so I can take my time.

But just the thought of what I want to do to her gets me grunting and thrusting, my fingers locked in her hair.

“I’m going to come, baby,” I say in a strained, half-wild voice.

She hums her reply. I close my eyes as the pleasure builds until I’m teetering on the edge between bliss and agony. Emotions I’ve stopped trying to understand rise up and crowd into my heart. Before Brooke, I never knew happiness like this was possible. There were several agonizing hours when I thought I might lose her, and the world became a dark and empty place. A place I would not have survived. I loved her too hard, too much. Not having her in my life would have broken me. Though it was torture, because of that, we’re stronger now, and I’ve sworn never to let her go again.

This exquisite moment of anticipation peaks, and everything breaks free. With a hard grunt, I pulse deep into her mouth. She grips me tight, taking it all. When I’m spent, she slides off me and wipes her mouth with the back of her hand. Her camisole straps are askew and her long hair is mussed, but her eyes are bright.

“I’m ready for the main course now,” she says, and leans over me for a kiss.

“Careful,” I say, and caress her hip. I’m already getting hard again. “I just might decide the main course is you.”

She rocks back and laughs. “No chance, cowboy. I’m going to need nourishment if this is anything like what you have in store for me.”

“I hope you’re caught up on sleep,” I say. “Because there won’t be much of that tonight.”

She slides on her sweater and reaches for her panties. “Then do I at least get to sleep in?”

I tug on my briefs and grab my pants. “You’d miss your morning workout and a chance to kick my ass?”

“Slave driver,” she says, pulling up her pants and buttoning them. Back in her clothes, she looks good enough to eat, but yes, she’s going to need all the energy reserves she has to keep up with me tonight.

I grab her and pull her close, then slow everything down with a soft kiss. She melts into me, reaching around my waist in a gentle embrace. Our lips touch once, twice, then I wrap my arms around her and hold her tight. We stand there in the firelight in the warmed room for a long moment, just breathing together.

“I have something for you,” I say, kiss the top of her head before reaching into the drawer in the coffee table.

She takes the small box and shoots me a puzzled look. “Wyatt,” she says in a warning tone. Money isn’t exactly tight, but we’ve been saving for our big trip to Hawaii. Little does she know I’ve been saving a little extra for this.

“Open it,” I say, my anticipation humming through me.

She pulls the ribbon and slides off the lid. Inside is a small gray suede box. She sets the outer box and ribbon down on the couch, then pries open the smaller one.

Inside is a delicate gold necklace with a snowflake pendant that has a diamond in the center.

“Wyatt, it’s beautiful,” she says, her mouth open in delight. “I love it.”

“I wanted you to have your very own snowflake.”

“To remind me of that night,” she finishes, her eyes misting. “When you came inside my cabin. It was the first snowfall. Almost a year ago.” She gasps. “Wait, it’s exactly a year ago, isn’t it? Oh, Wyatt, this is so sweet!” She grips me tight.

“I know it’s not an official anniversary, but I wanted you to remember that night.”

“I’ll never forget it,” Brooke says, wiping her eyes. “I loved you then, you know that right?”

I nod, my own emotions building up behind my eyes. “Can I put this on? I can’t wait to see you wearing it.”

“Yes!” she says, and spins so I can lift it over her head and fasten it.

When she turns around, she’s smiling so bright it nearly cracks me in two. “Thank you,” she says, fingering the snowflake.

“You’re welcome,” I say, and kiss her. We hug again, then I take her hand and lead her into the kitchen, savoring the warmth of her small hand in mine.

During our meal, we debate local politics, story ideas, and our upcoming trip to Hawaii in January—our first real vacation together. We debated on whether to take the twins, but decided it was okay to put us first.

Because Brooke and I both aren’t the types to sit around, we’ve planned a snorkel tour, surf lessons, a visit to the volcano, a daylong hike to several waterfalls, and a luau. Plus lots of walks on the beach and languid mornings in bed. She makes me promise to let her sleep at some point. Laughing, I agree. She gets awfully cranky if she’s overtired. Though I do have a magic remedy.

After dinner, we do the dishes, kissing and stealing caresses with each other until everything’s put away. By then, sparks are practically flying between us. A hot, tense heat thrums inside me like a craving. From the look in Brooke’s eyes, she’s feeling it too.

I peel off her sweater and camisole then shuffle her to the edge of the counter. We kiss again, our tongues swirling in a delicate dance that sets my skin on fire. She unbuckles my belt. My pants drop to the floor and I kick them aside. She caresses me over the fabric of my briefs. A shudder rattles through me, and I kiss her again. Her trousers and panties are next, and then I lift her onto the counter. The gold snowflake glints in the light. Seeing it there, framed perfectly below her collarbones, brings on another wave of emotion. I give it the moment it deserves, then let it fade as I move closer for a kiss.

She wraps her legs around me so that my cock presses into her plush, warm center. I fondle her breasts, teasing the peaks until they’re hard, tight buttons and she’s breathing fast. After I unfasten her bra, I cradle both tits so I can lick and tease, using just the edge of my teeth.

“Wyatt,” Brooke groans, her hands gripping the edge of the counter.

“What do you need, princess?” I say in a soft tone, caressing up her inner thigh to stroke her gently.

Her eyes turn desperate. “You,” she whimpers. “Now.”

I tug off my briefs, then scoop her thighs closer to the edge of the counter. Slowly, while watching her gorgeous face, I guide my cock to her opening and slide inside her tight heat.

Brooke sucks in a needy, sexy breath.

Her walls stretch, welcoming me. “Fuck you feel good,” I groan as I fill every inch of her.

She hooks her heels behind my thighs and pulls me tighter. “More,” she gasps in a desperate whisper.

Emotion pricks the backs of my eyes. I cradle her face in my hands and kiss her as our bodies become locked together as one. Her lips are warm and so soft, and her tongue swirls eagerly against mine. My love for her rises and crashes inside me like a giant wave, but I relish the sensation that I’m drowning, because I’m drowning in her.

Slowly, deliciously.

I begin to thrust, slow and sensual as we kiss and touch. I caress her nipples with my thumbs. She arches to me, breathing fast. I tug her hips closer, and her thighs wrap tighter around me, as if wanting nothing between us.

I caress down her smooth stomach to her curls, then lower, where her hard clit is begging to be touched. She cries out as I rub her in slow, steady circles while thrusting firm and deep.

Brooke gasps, arching her hips just so to allow my fingers to press harder. I widen my feet and thrust faster, her walls squeezing me tight. I kiss her again, our mouths crashing together, wild and frenzied.

I glide my free hand to her lower back and press her closer to me. My middle finger dips into the cleft of her ass to the tender place she secretly needs me. Brooke gives a desperate inhale. While swirling gently and my cock driving deep inside her, she comes, hard, her hips bucking and her needy cries breaking the silence. I go on stroking and thrusting while her walls pulse beautifully around me, my own climax sparking to life in my core. Brooke tugs me tight against her with her thighs and I hold her there while she floats free, our bodies pressing close.

I kiss her softly behind her ear, then carefully slide out of her. Still high from the chemicals zipping around inside her body, she giggles. “Oh, Wyatt.”

I lift her off the counter and set her gently on her feet. “You didn’t think we were done in here, did you?” I grip her hips so I can spin her around.

I press my body against her back, slipping my cock between her thighs. She’s slick and warm as I thrust slowly against her folds.

“You did promise creative use of the surfaces,” she says, but her voice wavers.

Gently, I urge her forward.

With a moan, she lowers, leaning on her arms.

Fuck is she gorgeous like this, bent over and eager for me, her heart-shaped pussy a flushed, wet pink and her milky thighs parted, eager for me. I glide my fingers up her thighs to her waist and grip her there. Slowly, I sink inside her.

Brooke inhales a gasp and arches her back.

I’m already so close, but the thought of getting her there again is irresistible, so I concentrate on going slow and firm, just the way she likes it, gripping her hips to draw her back in a steady, sensual rhythm, arching at the end to touch her deepest place.

I fold over her and kiss behind her ear. “I love your body so much, princess. Let me make you feel good.”

Her fingers curl into the tile and she tilts her hips up even more. “Harder,” she begs.

Using her narrow waist for leverage, I pump my hips against hers. Her soft, firm ass taps against my thighs.

“Yes, oh God,” Brooke says, her head lowered between her arms.

I pulse faster, thrusting so deep. Fuck, she feels so good. My climax tingles to life, but after forcing it back earlier, it’s coming like an avalanche.

“Wyatt!” she calls out.

I thrust and rock as she releases a series of wild, desperate cries. My own release thunders for me, a shock wave of pleasure and delicious freedom.

We’ve celebrated so many milestones together—from the awards we’ve won for our writing, to the twins successfully graduating, to getting engaged and Brooke moving in for good, to tonight, when we take the first step in claiming this house as ours. It’s where we’ll end each day and wake each morning, it’s where we’ll have fights, make up, make love, make babies, laugh together, cry together, support each other.

We’re free to design our future, our life. Free to love each other forever.

“Brooke,” I gasp as the hope and joy all crash together in my heart, which explodes with emotions I can’t possibly contain. Nor do I want to.

How can it be that a little less than a year ago, we were rivals?

Fully spent and breathing hard, I fold over Brooke’s lithe body that’s damp with sweat and nuzzle the back of her neck.

Brooke sighs a contented, slow breath and turns to kiss me. “I might be able to get used to a quiet house,” she murmurs.

I kiss down her spine and slowly pull out of her. “That was hardly quiet.”

She giggles. “Good thing we’re surrounded by trees and your nearest neighbor is over a mile away.”

I grab a tissue from the box on the end of the counter and clean up, then scoop her into my arms. “Let’s see if we can blow the roof off this time.”

Her eyes widen. “Seriously? You haven’t had enough yet?”

“Fuck no,” I say, and carry her down the hallway. “Have you?”

She bites her lip. “No. Does that make us crazy?”

I set her gently on the bed. “Crazy in love, maybe.”

Her expression softens. “I’m okay with that.”

I climb onto the bed and roll her to my chest. Our bodies fit together perfectly, her narrow hips resting on mine and her soft breasts pressing into my chest. I could hold her like this forever.

“Me too, baby,” I say, stroking over the smooth rise of her backside, then kissing her softly.

She kisses me back, her tender lips wrapping around mine in a gentle embrace. I take my time kissing her back while combing my fingers through her long hair.

“We’ll be crazy in love together,” she says, caressing down my back. A tingle shoots down my spine and pools in the base of my core. My cock jumps to life.

Brooke lifts an eyebrow but behind her surprise is a look of desire.

“Let’s find out just how crazy,” I say, and roll her onto her back.


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