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A wild passion. A deadly mission. Can a rogue hero rescue the woman he can’t live without before it’s too late?


She should be off-limits to me. Not only is she too sweet, too innocent, her uncle is the boss of this operation. I’m in Storm Harbor to secretly investigate her shady uncle—he owes some very bad people a lot of money—money he’s been stealing from the town’s dock construction project that he happens to be managing. If I get involved with Petra, it could jeopardize this whole operation, and if that happens on my watch, a lot of good people will die.

I can’t let that happen.

But her sweet curves and that pouty little mouth are all I can think about. I’ve seen her a few times down on the docks, working during her summer break from college. Just the thought of that perfect body hiding inside those tight jeans she wears gets me so hard it’s painful. I shouldn’t want her like this, I’m too bad, too dirty for someone like her. But f*ck do I want her—in every single way.

That look today told me all I needed to know. I shouldn’t think about her like this. I shouldn’t think about bending her over the gunnels while she begs for more. That cute little nose piercing doesn’t fool me, nor did that black bra strap peeking out from beneath her tee-shirt. She wants a dose of dirty, all right, and I’m the man to give it to her.

After that look today, she’s mine.


All I wanted was to stay out of my uncle’s way and get this summer of doom over with.

That’s before I saw him, a rough-looking quiet-type with fierce green eyes. He also happens work for my overprotective uncle, which means he’s totally off-limits.

He locked eyes with me today when I was down on the dock, and there was something so powerful about him, it was like I could already feel his hands on my body, touching me in ways I’d never even imagined. I had to look away, but not before I noticed what had to be the biggest bulge I’ve ever seen. I’m not the kind of girl who notices stuff like that—I’m actually not that experienced when it comes to guys, but the craving to find out what Hunter would do to me hasn’t left me alone.

I should run far away from a man like him. Rumor is he’s some kind of former Black Ops hit man. He’s probably killed people with his bare hands; he could drag me off to his cabin before anyone knew I was gone. But after that look he gave me today, I realize that’s exactly what I want him to do. I get shivery every time I think about it.

But if my uncle found out I even thought about stepping foot on his boat late at night, he’d keep me locked up for the rest of the summer. But ever since that look today, I’ve been imagining him undressing me, his hands stroking my wet pussy while he dominates me with his mouth.

Passionate, oh-so-steamy, and completely out of control, Her Wild Coast Outlaw has no cheating, with a guaranteed HEA. 

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