Brian & Darcy's relationship is emotionally deep and full of intense moments - there's witty banter, palpable chemistry, plus desire and tension that continuously swirls around them. It all added up to one intoxicating read!"

KK, Goodreads

Narrated by Allyson Voller and Tyler Darby.

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I definitely shouldn’t be thinking dirty thoughts about Darcy Reyes and I definitely shouldn’t have kissed her.

But Darcy’s no longer that pesky schoolgirl with a crush on me. She’s grown into a gorgeous young woman with luscious curves and perfect lips I could kiss for days.

When she begs me to be her first, saying yes is a terrible idea. I’m definitely not that guy. I’m too rough for a sweet thing like her, too bossy. She’s also completely off limits—her dad is like a father to me – the mentor that changed my life.

Darcy promises we can keep it a secret, and when it’s over, we’ll go our separate ways. But pleasuring her in all the filthy ways I’ve fantasized about messes with my head, and my heart. Can I really let her go when it’s over? Or can I risk everything to keep her?

If you like Anna Hacket’s suspense romances and the big feels of Corinne Michaels, you’ll devour Dakota Davies’ steamy, powerful love story.

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Direct from Dakota