"Vonnie and Noah are my new favorite couple from Penny Creek! Their happy ever after is paved with obstacles, curves, speeding tickets, studies, rambunctious family members and sweet Kenzie. I loved this story!"

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As a small-town cop and a gentleman, I don’t break rules.
Especially the one about screwing my nanny.

When soon-to-be pediatric nurse Vonnie Morgan offers to solve my emergency childcare situation, it’s a perfect fit. She’s smart. Experienced. Patient. Kind. Flexible.

If only I could stop thinking about the constellation of freckles on her inner thigh. Or how bright her eyes shine. Or her wicked sense of humor. I shouldn’t imagine the sounds I long to hear her make. Or how sweet she would taste.

Or how perfect our fit might be.

When one late night sext leads to breaking one rule, then another, our inhibitions are no match for our cravings, until we can’t stop. The hayloft. The dressing room. Behind the waterfall.

That she’s leaving soon to start her nursing career makes breaking all these rules even easier, because I quit believing in happily ever after long ago.

So why is it impossible to say goodbye?

If you love a grumpy cop who’s good with his hands and a brave heroine reaching for the stars, get ready to crush on Vonnie and Noah in FALLING FOR MY CRUSH, the spicy small town romance perfect for fans of Corinne Michaels and Devney Perry.

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