Combustible heat and heart with a constant pull to the heartstrings! Grady and Annika are amazing together!

An unforgettable small town friends to lovers romance
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How do you take back a kiss?

Somehow, I’ve fallen for my best friend. Maybe it was the summer of her dad’s accident, the one that changed all of our lives forever. Or maybe it was the day of my academy graduation and she filled a seat that shouldn’t have been vacant.

However it happened, that kiss last night has to be our last, before she discovers all the dirty thoughts that spring to life in my head every time she’s near, before I hurt her. Because I don’t know jack about love or making someone happy, at least not for more than one night. Given the choice between loving her or protecting her—I’ll put her first her every time.

Until someone else tries to take her away from me, and suddenly I’m putting everything on the line to win her back.

Will I be too late?

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