My gosh this book draws you in from the beginning. It tugs at your heartstrings, it heats you up and it leaves you shaking in your boots!

Kimberly Rose

“Sit tight, and I’m going to give you everything you need,” Colby whispers in my ear. At that moment, I almost hate him for how bad he’s made me want this, so bad I’ll do practically anything to get it.”

Professional athlete Anya Templeton is waiting for love from the wrong man, and if she’s not careful, he’ll keep her heart entwined with his forever.

After surviving an ordeal together months ago, Anya feels more bonded to her boyfriend Jake than ever. But old feelings rise up to make matters even more complicated when their sponsor pairs them with Colby Fox, a hot climber from Anya’s past.

Colby brings back the playful, carefree side of herself that she thought she’d lost, a side Jake seems determined to snuff out.

But how can she turn away from Jake who was there to help her pick up the pieces of her shattered life, who stood by her when all seemed lost? And when Colby presses her to choose between her partnership with Jake, and her freedom with him, will she lose them both?

If you like the sultry heat of Sarina Bowen and the emotional journey of Corinne Michaels, you’ll devour Dakota Davies’ steamy new trilogy.