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Bonus Scene from Entwined Hearts

Breakfast in Bed


I wake to the soft light of dawn and reach for Anya to make sure she’s still there. To make sure I haven’t dreamed this. She’s curled on her side, her breaths slow and deep. I brush my fingers down her arm. Though I’m tempted to plant kisses there, I can’t bear to wake her. Not yet.

I slip out of bed and pad into her kitchen. While the coffee brews I take an inventory of what’s left to pack in Anya’s rental. Yesterday, we boxed and moved but because we couldn’t stop touching each other, there’s still plenty to do. I think of our use of the couch, the bathroom counter. A renewed craving makes my cock throb.

I run a hand through my hair, thinking about her plan to climb Widow’s Walk with Jake. There’s no talking her out of it. I love her determination, but fuck, why that climb? I wish I could quit my roofing job, then I could be moving to the Valley with her. We could hang out, climb together. Maybe then she wouldn’t feel the need to reach out to Jake for a partner.

The coffeemaker splutters to a stop. I fill two camping mugs—all the other kitchen items are packed and stored—then return to the bedroom. I place a mug of coffee on her bedside table, then slide into bed next to her.

A strange emotion fills my chest. After we pack up the last of the items today, I’ll have to say goodbye to her. I’m not usually one to linger, but this feels different.

I look around the room, realizing we only have a handful of hours left here.

Better make them count.

I set my coffee aside and nestle in behind her. Instantly, her warmth flows into me. I stroke her arm and kiss the soft curve of her neck. Her skin smells like summer. I kiss along her shoulder, moving slowly, my lips brushing her tender skin. Though I’m trying to be gentle, my craving for her thunders loose. I imagine all the dirty things I want to do to her. That look in her eyes yesterday—about tying her up, about experimenting—fuck if it didn’t turn me on.

But I have to be careful. I don’t want to scare her or pressure her. I want her to feel safe with me.

Anya stirs. I kiss the perfect curve of her shoulder. I slip under the sheet to caress her hip, my fingers tingling with need. She’s so damn soft. I can’t get enough of touching her.

Anya’s eyes flutter open. “Morning,” she sighs.

I kiss the back of her shoulder blade. “I brought you coffee,” I say.

“Mmm,” she says.

My hand sweeps over her ass.

“Maybe…in a little bit,” she murmurs, turning to gaze at me.

I kiss the place behind her ear and she closes her eyes.

“Colby,” she sighs. “How do you do this to me?”

I urge her top leg up and caress the back of her thigh. “Do what, darlin’?”

“Make me want you so much,” she says, then gasps when I feather my touch to where she’s already wet.

“It’s because I know what you need,” I say, stroking her folds.

“Mmmm,” she groans.

I inch her thigh up higher and kiss slowly along her spine, sliding down the bed until I’m kissing the perfect scoop of her lower back while my fingers stroke her pussy from behind. Even though we went several rounds last night, no way was it enough. I’m going to keep her in this bed for as long as possible this morning.

I explore with my lips, kissing every inch of her backside while my fingers stroke and swirl. The raw scent of her nectar pulls at me like a craving. I roll her hip forward, exposing everything to me. Her perfect little asshole is so fucking tempting. But I remember the fear in her eyes when she asked me if I wanted her that way.

I do, but only if she’s ready. Maybe it’s time for a taste.

I kiss alongside the seam of her ass.

Her thighs tense.

“I’m not gonna hurt you, Anya,” I say.

She exhales a slow breath.

“That’s it,” I praise.

Her folds are slick and plush between my fingers, like velvet. I plant a wet, soft kiss over her ring.

She gasps.

I kiss her there again while swirling around her clit.

I can feel her body bracing against the bed, like she can’t decide if she should give in to how good this feels. I switch to using just the tip of my tongue, flicking in soft licks.

“Colby,” she moans, but I read the warning behind it. Baby steps, I tell myself.

The craving to taste her thunders in my veins. I kiss down the seam of her thighs. I rotate her hips forward and wrap my lips around her folds. Fuck, she tastes good. I’ve had her at almost every hour of the day, but mornings are my favorite by far—she’s raw and spicy sweet. I glide slowly against her, pinning her upper thigh open.

Her hand comes to the top of my head, her fingers weaving through my hair. I lick and stroke, back and forth, her nectar coating my face. Her grip in my hair tightens, her breaths accelerate. My fingers holding her thigh dig into her flesh. She starts to rock against me. I swirl my tongue around her clit then glide against her folds, moving at her pace.

Goddamn I love making her feel good. I can feel her body tense, drawing everything inward. We move faster, Anya’s breaths coming in sweet gasps.

“Oh!” she cries on an inhale. I feel her muscles clenching so tight. I stroke and tease, my mind locked onto giving her what she needs.

Anya cries out. I groan with desire, needing to hear her release. And then she comes, hard, her hand tight in my hair, her body arching to my mouth. I move with her, making sure she gets every last bit of pleasure from my tongue.

But I’m not giving her a moment’s rest. “Don’t move,” I command as soon as her body shudders with the last of her climax. I quickly roll on a condom and return.

I kiss the top of her hip and stroke up to her breasts, then plant a soft kiss on her lips. Her tongue swirls with mine. I can feel her hunger for me.

I grab my aching cock and thrust inside her. An intense look passes across her face. I go slow, stretching her perfectly.

Her eyes fill with desire. “Oh God, Colby.”

I thrust firmly, all the way in this time. “Is this what you needed?”

“Yes,” she gasps, closing her eyes.

The beast inside me roars.

I tuck a pillow under her and drive again, filling every inch of her. “You feel so good,” I groan.

She grips the sheets while her face tenses with yearning. Our bodies rock together, my cock arching hard against her. I caress over her thigh to stroke her clit.

Her hips jolt and her eyes pop open. I watch her face clench with a surge of pleasure as I go on stroking and thrusting. Her muscles tense and her fists tighten on the sheets.

She’s practically begging me with her eyes for more. I arch harder, faster, my hips tapping firmly against her ass. My release starts to build, a thunderous desire thrumming from deep inside me. I move faster, driven on by pure need.

Anya opens her mouth and clenches her eyes tight as the climax slams into her. Her walls squeeze me tight. She starts to cry out, desperate breaths that fill the room. My own release charges loose, like a bull released from its cage. With a groan I start to come, the waves of pleasure pumping through me, my heartbeat thundering in my ears. Again and again I fill her as she cries out and the colors burst in my brain. I rocket into a cloud of warmth and brightness. I float there, soaking in the joy and peace while our bodies stay locked together, our hearts beating as one.

When finally, I’m spent, I lower and wrap my arms around her. My fast breaths disappear into her hair; her back warms my chest.

We breathe together; her arms pull mine tighter around her. “I don’t want this weekend to end,” she says on a sigh.

A nervous twinge tightens my gut. “I’ll see you soon.”

“Yeah,” she says.

“How about I make you breakfast?” I say.

“Maybe in a while,” she says. “After you hold me a little longer.”

“Deal,” I say. I roll from her to clean up, then come right back.

Anya sighs with contentment. I don’t want this weekend to come to a close, either.

Alarm bells in my mind start sounding, warning me not to get too attached.

I settle closer to her and soak up her warmth and the easy way she fits into my embrace. I tell myself to take it one day at a time. Or one kiss at a time. Or one…

Anya reaches back and caresses my hip.

My cock stirs. Will I ever get enough of this girl?


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